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Very positive first time-2.5 grams

The first time I ever tripped out on mushrooms I was seventeen.

The first time I ever tripped out on mushrooms I was seventeen. I had wanted to try them for almost a year but had taken the time to inform myself of how to have a good trip and be safe. My boyfriend J and I split an eighth of shrooms in his car before going to a house where his friend, C, was having some friends over. When we got inside, C and his girlfriend, N, were playing a videogame, so J and I sat down and waited for the shrooms to come on.
My heart was beating fast, but that's probably because I was so excited and nervous for my first trip. About 20 minutes later I commented on how beautiful the colors of the shadows on the wall were. They were different shades of red, purple, and blue. I had the distinct impression that the colors had always been that way and I had just never been able to appreciate them. The walls also seemed to breathe and vibrate.
Soon more people started to arrive, so J and I went downstairs in the basement to listen to some Incubus and chill out. We left the lights out and J sat on a couch. The sun was setting so I spent a few minutes looking out the window and appreciating the way the treetops seemed to curl into the sky. Then I sat down next to J and our friend, M, came downstairs. At this point I noticed that this funny painting of an animal seemed to be turning 3-dimensional and coming at me. I told M about this, but I wasn't scared. On the contrary, I was giggling as I explained how funny it was that I knew it couldn't be coming at me but it was. I guess some people find that effect scary. We also had a huge debate over whether the painting was of an owl or a fox. I looked at it later when I was sober, and that painting was just as ambiguous as when I was tripping.
C was getting upset that we weren't socializing with everyone else, so we came upstairs. We watched tv for a little while, but I found that boring. I had an intense urge to go outside. I could tell that C was upset, and for some reason that was bothing me very much. I could sense the bad vibes coming from him and it set me into a spiral of bad thinking. I realized that this is what causes a bad trip so I talked myself out of it.
M asked if me and J would like to go for a ride in his car. He took us to look at christmas lights in his fast car and I was giggling and happy the whole time. Riding in a car is a great thing to do on shrooms. Just not driving ;-) I was struck by all the hustle and bustle that seemed to be going on in the world around us. The christmas lights pulsed and seemed to be part of humanity. I felt happy and contemplative, full of good will.
Back at C's house, C was still being in a strange mood. I kept asking J if everything was going to be ok, and even as he reassured me that it would be, I got the feeling that he was upset at me. I became quiet and examined every face in the room, feeling that they were all against me. These thoughts were very irrational, and I realized that at the time. Still, it took a little time for me to just sit and think myself out of the bad feelings. I wish I could have left and been by myself when that happened.
Pretty soon after that J and I left to watch Office Space at his house. I wanted to be somewhere safe and happy where I could rest, because the trip made me very tired. As I was coming down, J and I talked about how our trips went. We both agreed that our favorite part was the benevolent, good feeling you get at the end of the trip that extends into the next day. I didn't feel the need to do mushrooms again right away, but I wanted to try them in the near future, to correct the things I think I did wrong.

When I eat mushrooms again I will take a little more, maybe 3.5 or 4 grams. I want to be somewhere that I can go outside and appreciate nature, and with a good friend that I feel comfortable opening up with.
From my first experience I've decided that mushrooms can be dangerous if you have a bad mindset before you take them, or are in a bad situation during the trip. Positive thinking can make a mushroom trip awesome. To all you out there who want to try mushrooms- go for it! Just be careful and plan it well. You will love it!

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