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Very Fun

Well, where do I start?

Well, where do I start? Let me say first that I had the best time I've ever had on any drug the first time I did mushrooms which was only last week. Now I've dome a lot of drugs but of the psychedelics I've only done E and unfortunatley Special K once. (Awful, awful stuff). My buddy had some shrooms (don't know what strain, sorry)and asked if I wanted them. I said sure. It was a sunny beautiful day where I live and I said "Down the hatch!". I swallowed one large cap and some "shake" so to speak like stems and stuff.
Withing 15 minutes I noticed a sudden "shift" in perception. Over about an hour it kicked in. Wow! Everything was soo funny. I couldn't stop laughing. The colors of the sky and trees seemed beautiful. I didn't hallucinate in the sense that I didn't see things that weren't physically there but the world changed for the better. I found it better than E and here's why. It is non toxic. No chem feeling like you get on E. It doesn't have quite the same rush of euphoria as E but it's softer and more light hearted at the dose I took. It's like E without the crummy side effects. I ate two more caps and then I wandered around outside and called my buddy who wasn't high. I never laughed so much. Everyone seemed so funny and weird. I did not feel scared at all. Taken in moderate doses and with some previous experience, shrooms are easy on you. I found that so called "logos" state very pleasant. It's like reality in a very pure way without your crummy day to day thoughts. It sparkels sort of. Now of course it isn't the kind of thing to do anywhere any time. Compared to all other drugs that I experienced though, I enjoyed it the best. No hangover to speak of. To toxic depression like with E.I recommend the following for a safe, fun, non scary trip.

1.Be in a good mood to begin with. This is THE most important factor to have fun. Shrooms amplify how you're feeling. If you're down don't do 'em. Wait.

2.Have several hours to not have to do anything. A sunday maybe or a day off. I recommend doing them in the day. The colors are more interesting than at night.

3.Start slow. Eat one. See how it hits you. Don't be in a hurry. You can always eat another one.

4. Pay attention to things. Notice the difference between what you call "reality" and the mushroom "logos" reality. Which seems more real?

5. have a sense of humour. Laugh at things. Don't get heavy. I do say though that an intimate encounter with a partner is a special thing on shrooms. Try it. Most of all be open. Shrooms can be a blast.

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