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very cloudy first trip/ need some advice

ok just to give everyone some back ground info.

ok just to give everyone some back ground info.
there isn't many drugs i am willing to take, i don't drink much at all, and i smoke alot of pot. ok so heres what happened (this is not the trip yet)one day i decided to try adderal(people should know what it is, if not lets just say if your not a hyper person it makes u speed) ok so i don't think it waxs adderal and made me puke for a good 10 hours or so and then i had deep stomach pains for the nexy couple days. i tell u thins because now my stomch is extremely sensitive to alot of things( this is the main reason i don't drink because i get sick easy, i don't take pills because it makes me sick, and even sometimes when i smoke pot it makes me sick)

ok so now to the trip. i would say it is about 11 by the time i ate the shrooms. im not exactly sure when i started tripping exactly becasue i smoked some pot before and i was already feeling pretty good. So my freind was eating them with me to(we took about a dub each, im not sure what it weighed out to be though) well he wanted to have some people over for a back to school party. i didn't. i really wanted to have a spiritual trip. i fasted pretty much that whole day. well when i satrted to acually feel the trip commin on i was looking at leaves and they started breathing yay!!! well not long after that i felt a little sick so i decided to see if i couldn't throw up, so i went by myself to the edge of the woods and was there for like 45 min. to an hour well i felt week and stuill felt kinda sick so i went inside and upstaires to chill. Well i wasn't having that good of trip(not a bad trip but definiatly not a good one). well finally most people left but my trip was fading and my stomach was hurting the whole time. it took me a while to get to sleep and the whole next day my stomach hurt to .

ok so i have a few questions i would like to ask and hopefully get some feedback on
1.has anyone experianced the same thing on adderal as i did(if anyone has takin it before)
2. has anyone had a stomach ache the whole time they have been on shrooms
3.would talking acid/lsd have any effect on my stomach
4.i relly want to take a solo trip because i was the happiest every time i was alone on my trip
5. im also wanting to take a trip in the woods with 2 fellow trippers and a babysitter, so any advice would be great

thank u for whoever gives me feedback and i absolutly love this site and reading peoples trip reports. this site also helped with telling me the right and wrong ways to trip, fun things to try, and general info on shrooms thank u everyone

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