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Psilocybe azurescens indoor cultivation

An illustrated technique for the indoor cultivation of Psilocybe azurescens.

First I have prepared mycelium on a sterilized wheat grain by inoculating it from mycelium on agar. After the grain was colonized I inoculated alder chips (not sterilized, soaked during 2-3 day in water) with this colonized grain.
The alder chips were dried chips, I bought them in a shop, they are used for smoking fish etc.

Alder chips were colonized by the mycelium within 1.5 months, at a temperature from 23-25°C. Then I placed the colonized alder chips in a plastic bottle (first case) and put a casing layer on.
The casing layer consisted of composted needles, foliage, sticks etc. from the woods. I removed large fragments so I was left with a homogeneous mass. The casing layer was not sterilized.

After mycelium appeared on the surface of casing layer (temp 23-25°C), I put a layer of wet vermiculite, and placed a bottle in a refrigerator (temp 6-8°C). (My refrigerator has a glass door and fluorescent lamp - such refrigerators are used as a display for wine bottles etc.).

This is my refrigerator:

Regularly (two times per day) I aired and 1 time per 2 days humidified the bottle. 1.5 months later the first mushrooms have appeared.
The first mushrooms did not develop because of shortage of light (I used only natural illumination, through the glass door), but mushrooms on the second flush (that you can see in the pictures) developed normally. I used a fluorescent lamp for 16 hours per day. From occurrence of mushrooms up to harvest 28 days have passed.

Development of the mushrooms in the bottle.

The second container was made in precisely the same way, only one month after the first. What you see in the pictures is the first flush. Using a light from the very beginning, and also having placed the container in the top part of a refrigerator (where temperature is little bit higher: 8-12°C), the development of the mushrooms could be reduced for 2-3 weeks. ( 2-3 weeks, because I noticed mushrooms when they have appeared above a surface of the casing layer, from this moment up to harvest have passed 2 weeks. But mushrooms needed some time to appear above a surface... let's consider 3-7 days.).

The second container (substrate and casing layer were the same as in the previous case).

And some more pics.

Two containers, placed on the top shelf, (where it is warmer). Second container placed on a pan (in order to place it higher).

A plastic bottle with mushrooms inside (in full size).

And the harvest.

by abert

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