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This was my first time taking shrooms and I had about 2.

This was my first time taking shrooms and I had about 2.5 grams. I took them with a friend of mine who had shroomed before. Right after we took them we went for a walk outside and they kicked in pretty quickly. I was expecting some stomach cramps but I didn't feel bad at all, but my friend smoked a ciggerette and threw up. When we were walking home threw some woods we decided we didn't like these small green things and went psycho-balistic on them. When we got out of the woods I felt so good and yelled "UUUUUGGGGHHHI'M(my name)ANDIMSHROOMIN"!!! It was the funniest thing and you had to be there. When we got back to my house we went to the basement, turned on the black light and cranked some Marilyn Manson. The visuals at this point were great. When I looked at my friend his eyes were wiggling like crazy and then there were eyes everywhere. Windows were spinning, trails were thick and I was laughing my ass off at the dumbest stuff. Then we decided to burn my friends shirt because of the bad "Ju-Jus". We went swimming in the kitchen floor and then we smoked some pot. Pot and shrooms are a great combination when your coming down from the trip. My sister and her freind went to a lot of trouble to get some bunk acid and we had a great time laughing at them.
Moral:shrooms rule!

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