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Making Panaeolus Substrate (Pictorial)

A pictorial on an easy method of making great substrate for Panaeolus species.

We make Panaeolus substrate in the following manner:
Ingredients: Dried cow dung, vermiculite and soaked straw (submerged in water for 12 hours)
For 4 standard spawn bags we use: 1/2 kilogram dry straw, 4 liters of dried dung, 3 liters of vermiculite and 3-4 liters of water

Dung and vermiculite are mixed

Water is added and the mixture is stirred

The result will look like this

Soaked straw is added

And mixed in

close up

This is filled into autoclavable spawn bags

The flaps are folded and the bags are put into the pressure cooker. A lid is put on top to prevent the bags from blocking the steam valve

After sterilization the bags are allowed to cool down in the flowcabinet

Two jars with Panaeolus cyanescens spawn

The bags are opened and 300 ml of spawn is poured in

The bags are sealed with an impulse sealer

The bags are shaken and put in a warm place to incubate

After 5 days of incubation the substrate was fully colonized and ready to be cased: 4 bags of substrate:

Close up:

A plastic bin is cleaned with alcohol. (note the holes plugged with polyfill)

The bags are cut open with scissors:

The substrate is put in the bin:

This is leveled:

And cased with sterilized casing soil:

The bin is covered with polyethylene wrap:

Side view:

The bins are now in a warm place for the casing layer to colonize.

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