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Panaeolus Species Cultivation

Explains the cultivation of Panaeolus cyanescens and Panaeolus tropicalis

Composed by Ralphster44:

You will find your cultivation efforts very similar to cultivating any Psilocybe cubensis strain.
I have tried several different spawn substrates and my spawn substrate of choice is Pennington’s brand Finch seed. It seems to colonize quicker and with less problems.

Lightly boil your seed in water for 45 minutes or an hour. Let it steep, to absorb as much water as it can. Then put in a colander and rinse with tap water to wash off all the dirt and nasty sludge. A strainer would probably work better.
Let drain for 15 minutes. The seed should have absorbed all the water it can, you don't want any extra water in the substrate.

Load your jars, ½ pint jars work great. Leave room at the top for a layer of vermiculite. Pressure cook your jars for 1 hour at 15 psi. The time starts when the PC reads 15 psi.

I punch 4 holes in the lids of my jars and turn the rubber so it faces up.
Seal with aluminum foil. Now pressure cook them.

When the time is up turn off the heat. Let your jars cool overnight.

Using the "oven-tek" remove your jars from the PC and put on oven rack.
Take your ready made syringes and 1 at a time inoculate your jars. Wipe your needle between jars with a napkin containing alcohol. Shake the syringe between injections to distribute the spores evenly.

Once all your jars have been inoculated store them at about 80-85 degrees until fully colonized.
The mycelia of the Panaeolus species is fine and very fragile. Once they are fully colonize let them sit for another week.

OK...the good part

Use a plastic tray…Mix all your spawn with zoodoo/compost or dung/compost. I use 8 jars to 5 pounds of that. If you use any store bought compost strain out all the wood,…sticks..woodchips..etc.
You can nuke your dung/compost in a microwave for 10 minutes.
If you have obtained dung or compost from a garden, pasteurize it.

Once you have done all this…cover your trays and let them sit for a couple days. Now…check out your trays….do you see mycelium growing?
If so…what I do is…case them with a layer of the same dung/compost. Use about a ¼ inch only. Give them a GOOD misting and give them light.

Now your back to the regular cubensis teks….fan and mist as necessary.

This is an easy way to explain this…I have tried all kinds of substrates and compost mixes, but this will work real good for you.
I have posted my results..in pictures before…and I'm sure you have all seen them.

Fruiting temps are about 75 degrees. Some would argue…but the results show the flushes. The potency is fabulous.
Rye is also a great substrate..very good potency also.
The Pan Trops are fantastic..but I seem to find that the Cyans are more potent.
I'm sure you will have success with this method….

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