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Up on the Roof

It was probably about a year ago.

It was probably about a year ago. I was feeling particularily shitty and was dealing with it in my usual method, by sitting in the park and smoking cigarettes at about midnight. Some people came to the swings next to the bench I was sitting on, all I could think about is how much I wanted them to go away. I kind of felt like Holden Caulfield, hating these people for being stupid without really even knowing them. I looked up when I heard "Hey, Swifty's here!" (Ryan Swift being a close friend of mine and also a drug dealer famous among almost all circles of Toronto - I plan to write a book about him by the by) I looked up and indeed, there he was. He was selling mushrooms. I had never tried mushrooms, and since I was feeling so shitty, I decided that they just might lift my spirits. I bought three grams from him, and we went off to a coffee shop where he taught me how to brew shroom tea. Down it went. Then swifty put forward an idea of such amazing proportion that it seemed to shrivel all the other great epiphonies of mankind combined. He said: "Hey Brent, I've got this wicked place to help you trip out" This place, as it turned out, was the 25 story roof of an apartment building, all doors leading to being unlocked for some fantastic reason.

Up we went. The shrooms went to work in the elevator, making the small space seem amazingly terrifying and swifty's face more textured and unusual than previously imaginable.

The summary of the 14-hour trip was this: We watched the sky move and the sun come up. This state of awed clarity was interrupted by running around on the rooftop, huddling next to air vents for warmth and sending psychic messages to each other. The visuals weren't particularily strong - The extent of it was the stars in the sky seeming to vortex in on themselves, deluging me with wispy trails of indescribable colour. I saw the best sunrise I've ever seen in my life, and the shrooms really let me focus in on the beauty of nature. Afterwards we went down, had some breakfast at the cafe, and then I went home and slept until the sun went down.

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