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universal conciousness in suburban minnesota

I am writing about the best trip i've had so far on shrooms.

I am writing about the best trip i've had so far on shrooms. It was at my college in Minnesota and it was winter. I was going to be tripping with two very good friends who i have total and complete trust in. It was both of their first times and my third time. i am a very experienced drug user having done marijuana, mushrooms, morning glory seeds(i accidently took a triple dose on a school night and tripped for 18 hours), hawaiian baby woodrose, ecstasy (my fav), small amounts of amanita muscaria, poppers, nitrous oxide, coke, speed, and oxycontin. Background info: my first time i tripped i had an intensely negative experience and the second time i barely got fucked up at all. anyway we got a quarter of mushroom shake that afternoon. needless to say i was a little worried about them being real when my friend (one of the two who had never even seen shrooms went to pick it up)showed up with a big ziplock full of powder. but we were like what the hell so we boiled some water made ourselves some tea. i put about 2.2 grams in mine and 1.6 in each of theirs since it was their first time. the website i had looked up when looking up tea recipes said that sometimes you need to boil the shrooms twice to extract all the alkaloids. so after we all drank our first cup i went back down to our dorm kitchen where i put the water boiler back on and brought it up to my room. i started to pour the water when the boomers kicked in. it had only beenm 5 or 10 minutes but all of a sudden it kicked in like a bullet. i didnt even need to drink my tea and neither did one of my friends (well call him K), the other (well call him P) however still wasnt feeling anything so he drank a second cup. within a short period of time we were all tripping hard and we decided to go outside and smoke a j to help our upset stomachs (me and K both were having very upset stomachs). now on this particular night there was a snowstorm of sorts but one of the most bizarre in nature ive ever seen. it would snow incredibly hard for like 15 minutes then stop for 15 minutes then start again, this just added to the sureal feeling of the night. once we got outside we got extremely distracted by several things. first was the snow falling down which looked absolutely incredible with long tracers trailing behind each snowflake. second was K. he was starting to have a weird trip and he wouldnt stop talking. what was weird about this was that he would start takling in an incredibly low voice then continue talking with his voice slowly getting higher and higher until he could no longer speak, then he would stop for a few minutes and start the process over. he also complained that he couldnt be around normal people. at this point i remember looking down at the j we had been smoking and realizing that ice crystals were forming on the end of the j. it was around this time that K's weird trip was starting to throw me off so i went inside to my friend (well call him C) who wasnt tripping (although this was about to change) as soon as he saw me i told him that i was tripping and his face lit up like a christmas tree. i remember the joy in his voice verty distinctly as he said "you have boomers" when i told him i still had a half eigth in my room he was ecstatic. i sold him the half and he told me that if i wanted i could chill in his room, well this was perfect but first i had to go to the bathroom. as i was peeing i looked at the blue writing on the urinal and watched it slowly melt from blue to wite and back to blue. at this point i went back to my friend C's (empty) room. i looked at his bed and the blanet seemed to be rippling slowly like a flag on a flag pole on a slightly breezy day. this looked incredibly comfortable to me so i jumped on his bed happily and just lay there for a while. at some point his roomate came into his room to find me on his bed and he was extremely weirded out, but when i explained that i was tripping he just dropped off his stuff and left me. at this point i wanted to go back to my room but was worried that if k was still having a weird trip i might get thrown off again. i went back anyway to find my room empty. at this point i decided to go to bed and stripped down to my boxers because my clothing felt incredibly rough against my skin. at this point i obviously couldnt sleep and eventuallu k and p came to find me. k had stabalized and we spent the rest of the time listening to p play guitaur, watching part of a movie which seemed to get repeated over and over, and making occassional ventures outside to smoke pot or cigarettes. at this point my freinds said that they felt that my room was like a sanctuary and that the outside world didnt exist as long as they were inside. at this point we were coming down a little from our peak but were still tripping pretty hard. at this point we started to talk about how we felt and everty comment one of us made the other two seemed to understand perfectly before the person even finished. it felt like we had all merged into a collective being. we talked until we were pretty much come down and eventually we all went to bed. needless to say this was one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of my life and it brough me and my friends even closer togethor.

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