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Unite the Planet

Sunday 31/5 ´98.

Sunday 31/5 ´98. Stockholm. Sweden.

My parents were off to a relative and should come home the next morning, and my little brother was at a party, so I had the house all to myself... At 21:00 pm my friend called and wondered if I had any shrooms (he´s not very fond of smoking dope, he just gets tired so he´s always very entusiastic when we trip together him and I). He dropped over at 23:00 pm and we ate the shrooms while watching Batman on TV. We ate ´bout 1,5 grams eatch and started drinking som Pepsi - just chillin´ waiting for he effect to come. After a while we decided to go out walking in the forest nearby (I´ve had my best trips in the nature with this very guy), we ate a sandwich and went out... Everything was nice and cuddly, and I just waited for my peak, when my friend (this was the 3:rd time he tripped on psilocybe) said he was feeling pretty sick... I told him it would all go away soon and he would feel much better. After a whiles walk I felt better and better, but I could see that my friend didn´t feel so well... I calmed him down pretty easily.... He stopped and told me that he´d been very scared for 10 minutes now.. Like he´s mind was totally empty.... I talked to him some more and told him we should go to the place where we had our latest trip and relive that experience... He agreed and we walked down slowly to a small park in the middle of a residential site... I asked hm how he felt now, and he said it was much better... We started talking ´bout our childhood and stuff (we both grew up in the same neighbourhood and have known eatchother as long as I can remember)... It was very nice and everything was very tranquil... After ´bout 3 hours after we first took the shrooms we decided we should go home to me and chill... We both felt like the shrooms were wearing off, and we felt like going home and just chill.... (I usually like the comedowns more that the peeks so I like chatting on the Irc while coming down)... We went home to me. My brother had come home from the party, a bit drunk. He asked if we had any shrooms left - but all was gone. Dissapointed he put on "A Clockwok Orange" and me and my friend joined him in the sofa. By this time I though most of my trip would be over, but as we sat down and watched the movie I felt that the trip was coming on hard. All of you that have seen "A Clockwork Orange" know that it´s very violent and not the best movie to watch when you´re tripping. I felt worse and started to drink a lot of juice hoping that fluid would calm me down (don´t know why I thought so... well... well...). My friend fell asleep in the sofa. And I turned on the computer for some irc to calm me down... When I logged on to the internet I saw that a guy called "Ben", from the states, was on my Icq-list. I started talking to him (he had been added by my brother earlier), and we soon started discussing drugs - shrooms, cannabis and acid. He´d tried much more than I and I told him I was on shrooms. He just laughed and said he was smoking a phat bong as we talked. After a while we started talking ´bout our trips we´ve had, good and bad and I realized that all my fear was gone. I felt totally calm with this dude from the other side of the globe and we started talking ´bout only thing that good friends that really know each other share. He sent me a small map of the world showing where he lived and I sent it back to him showing where I lived. Sweden - California He said something like this then that really broke all the barriers: "It´s a trip itself just talking to you, a dude from the other side of the globe. I don´t care what anyone say, DRUGS BOND PEOPLE!" After that we talked ´bout what we like to do when we trip and stuff and the only thing that came to mind was total and complete harmony. We´re all from the same globe and it´s really cool that even though we´re so far away we´re still so much alike... This was a different and very nice trip. Peace, Love and Understanding...

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