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Undeground Rave

We walked along the path carfully picking our way in the darkness.

We walked along the path carfully picking our way in the darkness. There were wnarled trees and soft yellow crass everywhere on both sides of us. We walked along the path fo a long time and eventualy we came to a group of guys standing in the way. We each handed them a our little square tickets with gold sun designs on them and they directed us onto a side path. The way was marked with little green glowsticks and we walked for about 10 minits. Eventually we saw a tent in the distance. I remember how amazing the clouds looked at that moment. We got to the tent and there was some weird experimental shit playing. Eventualy the techno got kickin and we all danced our asses off. The music was good. Really good. One of my friends offered to split a half quarter with me, and seeing as the music was kicking ass, i accepted. I munched them down straight up with water, i can honestly say it was one of the grosser moments in my life. Another girl i know arrived and
I talked to her for a while just outside the tent siting in the tall grass under a beautiful full moon. After a while i started to feel strange, i was really uncomfortable and not feeling to happy. I felt distressed but i don't know why. I excused myself from the conversation and went for a walk. I tried to sort out my thoughts but nothing was working. I started to feel shitty and thought maybe dancing would take my mind off it. So i danced and danced, it was amazing. As i danced people were distorting and shimmering as if they were a holographic image. When i turned my head long tracers came off of every object in my feild of vision. The grass waved gently when i looked at it and the clouds moved like liquid in the sky. The lights of the nearby city gave the sky a redish puyrple hue, which created an interesting effect contrasting against the grey clouds. I was accutley aware of my body during the whole experience. At one point i took a time out to talk with my friend who was on the other half of this quad. We sat on a massive twisted piece of petrified wood and talked of life, paties, and the weirdness of coming up on shrooms at parties. It's always srange for both of us. Eventually i became too cold and my friend had to leave anyways so i went with him. Saying our goodbyes and exchanging hugs with our friends who were staying we walked the long walk back to the car in the bingo hall parking lot. The drive home was one huge tracer. The letters on road signs appeared akin to greek symbols,and traffic lights emitting glowing auras about 3 feet in radius. We smoked weed for the entire twenty minit drive and my hallucinations took on a more noticable form. I could see the usual patterning on the walls and such, the wallpaper moved in a multilayed chaotic frenzy that reminded me of hundreds of cells dividing living dying and decomposing a million times over. Interesting to say the least. The tiles appeared as if the were blury and i could distinguish faint transparent faces form in the pattern.
The door in the washroom looked completley off kilter as my perspective was incredibley altered. When i got in my room i layed under the covers for a while. Then got bored and smoked a twenty bag of buds in poppers. After that i lay on my bed listening to some acid techno that i made, it was fucking me up nicley and then all of a sudden a piece of crumpluded tinfoil accross the room morphed into a feline like face. It was composed of spinning shards of the foil.
Intense. In its eyes i could see glimmering fractals and infinite depth. This visual happened all night, but only from one angle, my bed. I enjoyed closed eye visuals for a while then went to sleep after smoking some more weed.
Really wished i had some N02 for this one but it was definatley the best low dose experience i've ever had.
Many fullfilling insights came with the trip as well.
Happy tripping everyone, be responsible!
thanks for reading.

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