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un I verse found eye

normal day after work i gave my co worker a ride home .

normal day after work i gave my co worker a ride home . for my generousity he gave me an envelope . i opened it when i got home . found something in it that change my life. you know what it was if your in this site. well I got ready by going online and started getting some info about the magical shrooms . after that all i did was started chewing and swallowing enough of a handfull of some stems and caps.. started drawing 20 minutes later my drawing started moving on me . right there and then . I started trippen but loved it so I just kept drawing what I saw.. what i wanted to see .. and what came out was all that was on my mind ... I drew a my x girlfriend and my baby .. The level of visions started elevating on me.. Time suddenly stood still!
all my memories and faces entered and crossed my mind .. realizing and analyzing everypart of myself it felt so good tears dropped from my eyes happiness I was in .happy about life and what it meant for all humans happy for myself that I foun my innerbeing.. I went from drawing to dancing in my room alone all night I was raving and moving uncontrolably
listening to a cd eternity . it seemd like the music was the voice of god. so I got out the bible and started from genesis . if you dont kno genesis it is a book about the begining of life . The words looked tranlucent and started glowing and moving once again i felt the energy from within I felt like I was healing .. healing my pains as I recollected all that made me. So I fina;lly got to thinking about me. alone in my room vision of god in the atmosphere i saw my thumbprint in the light Then I realized that I was knowing god by knowing myself. I love the feelings and thoughts that came to me.. a total understanding of myself .. why things have been happening. i learned ..my family friends faces of people i knew came to mind and how they also affect me. i love the night for it brings your soul free and the day we share the light with others . then I started meditating looked outside my window till the sun rose . a cat started talking to me as if he knew the words that can penetrate through me. shrooming is natural . just eat and be one with earth. the next time Im going to a rave with shrooms and meet people and dance ..

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