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Umm Where Are We???

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This was the 3rd time ive done shrooms and probably
my most enjoyable time, the day started off with me
sleeping in mad late and waking up to eat food, i got
dressed and did stuff while waiting for my buddy and
his brother to come pick me up, so we decided to go
grab some drinks before we went and picked up our
shrooms , i got orange juice, we then picked up our
shrooms and ate them, we walked around a park and
decided to smoke a joint

we got really bored and decided to walk back to the van
and drive about 20 minutes away to a strip with lots of
lights and crap, about halfway there i noticed the
mushrooms starting to kick in, i was feeling really
comfy and the seat in front of me was breathing heavily
. i looked out off the highway and the city looked as if it
was covered by a thousand little xmas lights, very cool
looking, so we arrived at our location and got out but we
all the sudden decided we didnt wanna do this and got
back in the van

we drove forever as all 3 of us just tripped out, the
music was making the trip 100 times better, but all the
sudden we were lost we had nooo friggin idea where
the hell we were so we all looked at a map but we
couldnt read it at all, eventually we found our way home
and they dropped me off,

i walked downstairs to my room and i felt like i was 100
feet tall,, it was pretty crazy. i flipped on the tv and
watched a version of robin hood from like 1925 or
something mad old school, it was so crazy, i was laying
on my water bed and it felt sooo great, it was like
floating in space, i turned off the tv and flipped on my
black light and just floated through a bunch of lights
and stuff, pretty amazing, i fell asleep and ended the
best trip ever

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