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Twighlight mountains

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It all started on a chilled out wednesday afternoon. My 2nd flush of tazmanians had come up and they were huge as they were grown on straw,which was a first for me. Me and D were having a lazy afternoon in his room, chilling with some homegrown skunk redhair buds, hendrix, ozric and pink floyd.

Whilst hitting some bongs, i told D of the size of my 2nd flush and almost immediately he suggested tripping that very night.I found this highly amusing :) I went home and got all my phoning of friends and girlfriend over with so that i would have no distractions that whole night.The time was drawing closer...

To prepare for the trip i downed what our local takeaway dubbed a "monster burger" which gave me a definate enegry burst that whole night.It was like eating pure protein!after that i sat on my bed and relaxed, trying to get my mind into a steady and nice setting.it worked.
with that seen to, my stomach felt aptly full and steady (i like to eat b4 i trip to settle my stomach, i get less nausea that way). D called to my house and we left for our excursion up the local mountains called the "cavehill"

We walked up through the fields and trees until we reached the base of the mountains and sat on a rocky out-crop and munched our mushrooms. I was suprised to find the flavour most manageable as compared to the recent batch of ecuadors i had grown. we must have eaten 5 good sized shrooms each and they were staining blue practically immediately. I had never seen such a quick blueing and quickly considered not eating them all, but ended up eating the lot. onwards and upwards we walked until we finally reached the top of the mountain. We sat at the summit which is known as "napoleans nose" as the skyline of the mountains resembles a silhouette ouf napolean bonaprtes face. I was starting to get mild stomach jitters occasionally. There were FAR too many people here for me and D's liking so we moved over to a most desolate part of the moutain and sat at what is beleived to be a druids stone circle. And so it began.

we plugged d's minidisc into my portable speakers and chilled out. The music was most excellent. d's white t shirt was attracting mass amounts of lies. we lay on our backs and i watched the flies shoot over me, about 3 inches away from my face - they were landing on david. Immediately i felt like an airport- asif i was a runway and the flies were coming in to land along me. It was a funny but strange feeling, and i felt completely comfortable with the thought of bugs landing in me, which i would usually hate! we seen a magnificent sunset and the sun was the reddest i have ever seen it, like molten hot steel. we were beginning to peak and for some reason i cant remember, we began to walk down the mountain's other side towards a pretty big forest. the decent was precarious and slippy due to loose dust and rubble.With the added sensations of my growing stomach messages it became quite a task, but after about 20mins we were on the path again headin towards the increasingly colourfull forest.

We stood at the threshold of the forest looking in, and blasted a few buds in D's new pipe his mom got him from holidays. The trees looked comforting and natural.My physical manifestations of the mushrooms ( nausea, stomach upset)had totally subsided.We put 1 speaker in each of D's rucsack side pockets and started the music again. Out of some strange coincidence, guns'n'roses' welcome to the jungle came on, which was cool considering we were just entering the would-be jungle. I flet absolutley great and the lights of the city in the dusk sky was beautifull!I began to feel this bizarre 80s hair metal spandex vibe goin on - it was fucking excellent, think of KISS and VAN HALEN and uve got it :P i felt so empowered, i was buzzing constanly and felt like i could punch through steel. The 80s vibe kicked in and i performed a few jumpkicks like on van halens "jump" video, it was so funny at the time :D more pipes came into action. we reached a particularly dark area of forest and a large tree overhung the entrance to this dark area.Immediately me and D both said "is that a fucking giant snake?" and laughed for ages, my sides and jaws hurt from laughing so much. we were a little distressed abpout that dark area but we just walked through laughing loads. We gradually walked around the mountain until we could see our area and houses in the distance. By this time we were down a good bit but we sort of fell in and out of the trip. We neared the exit of the country park and had to get alert as there is always crowds of dickheads there who start fights. We got the usual "devilworshipper" name calling as i am into heavy metal, but walked on ignoring it.

We arrived at daves and hit a few bongs out of his massive bong which is called "jesus" , named so because thats the first thing u say after u take a hit from it lol.we basically chilled out and had some ozric tentacles on for a few hours. his girl phoned so i gave him his privacy and went to my other friends house "J". All my friends were there when i arrived and the atmosphere was excellent. I think i probably entertained them with my shroom talk, but was trying not to go over board as no1 was on the same level as me - they were all smoked out lol. after a while i went home to bed and surfed the net for a while.my sleep was restless, but not too bad. i woke , felt insanely hungry so had taost and cereal and a bath, whivh i am just out of. i feel great now. this trip was the best ever, and now the liberty caps r out over here, i look forward to the next time i ingest some sacred shroom.

Chow dudes!

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