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Name: Potkins Gender: Male, Age:20, Weight: 160 lbs.

Name: Potkins Gender: Male, Age:20, Weight: 160 lbs.

Fri. Feb.10 2006

Ate at 11:30pm
Kicked in around 11:45pm
Peaked at 1:00:pm
Ended at 2:45am

I ate my chocolate when I got it. There was about 2.5 grams in the chocolates my friends and I ate. We left and went to go chill at the apartment and relax for the trip to start. They kicked in about fifteen minutes after I ate them. I was overtaken with a light sensation and a giggly attitude. Lights were brighter and I caught trails from road lights and streetlights. We got to the apartment to relax and were all feeling the chocolate prepared mushrooms. We downloaded some Pink Floyd but ended up listening to A Perfect Circle. I laid down and stared at the fish tank that was in the apartment with the turtle known as Archimedes. I stared at the turtle moving in the tank and it appeared to be swimming to to music, and i followed it all over the tank swaying my head.
I was one with the turtle there was me the water and the turtle. No fish tank, no other people, just me.
The mood was very dark and calming to all of us but the girl that we chilled with. Found it dark and upsetting and started flipping out and crying. She didn't understand what was going on and didn't know what she was feeling. She said that everything was just spinning in her head. It took us two hours to get her used to what was going on to the point that she understood that she was fine and what she was feeling was normal. After the chaos of that we all started to enjoy our trip. We put in the movie "Lord of War" in and couldn't get passed the beginning of the movie. In the beginning of the movie it shows you pretty much the life of a bullet. Well one of the guys I was tripping with was all hype about the bullet finding its "home." Well the bullet did find its home in the head of a thirteen year old boy. Well my friend started to cry hysterically, he felt so bad about what he was saying. Eventually we started debates. We were still up around 4:30 am when we decided to go to bed. I laid my head to rest and fell right to sleep.

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