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Ok. This was my first time tryin shrooms. And it was crazy!! Aight heres how it started:

Well me and brother decided to go shrooming early in the morning (he had done shrooms a couple of other times and he wanted me to go with him). We drove to my friend’s barn around 9:30am. He had a lot of cows so we figured there’d be shrooms. We found about 8 VERY big paneoulos c. So we packed the shrooms and drove home.

At first I wasn’t sure about taking them. So I decided to do em that night. My bro had a few psylocybe c. growing from some mycelium we found and I had a gel cap of shrooms I had saved for awhile. Altogether I had about 1 ½ grams of dried shrooms.

Later that night at around 11:00pm a friend came over. Since my bro and friend had already experimented with shrooms it was my turn. I wolfed down the dried paneoulos and psylocybes and swallowed the capsule(almost gaggin in the process). The taste was indescribably gross. It tasted like dead fish and smelled the same. I chugged O.J. to wash out my mouth and began to drink some. That first hour I didn’t feel anything and I was sitting on the couch with my dad,my bro,and my friend and this show came on mtv called Siffle and Olly. This show is sooo trippy! I’ts like 2 socks and they sing and this weird shit flew up in the backround of the tv , colors and tunnels and shit. I just stared incoherently at the show ,then the shrooms kicked in. I watched the colorful tunnels on siffle and olly and I felt like I was in one! It spun and changed colors I felt like I was being drawn in. It started swirling and making me real dizzy. then realizing people were lookin at me a quickly came back to reality. I felt dizzy and disoriented, at first I didn’t know where I was! Then my dad went to bed.

We went outside and decided to smoke a few joints. While they made the joints I walked around the yard and looked at nature. It was amazing! Everything seemed bigger wider, my yard was so big I couldn’t walk past it! The world was huge! I just stared at everything , amazed and awed by the beauty of nature and my enormous surroundings. Then the j’s were rolled and we bonged out my friends car.

I stumlbled out of the car cause I couldn’t take the smoke. They sat in the car smoked up.

Now I was fucked up! The buzz increased and I couldn’t tell where I was or what I had just done. Time seemed so far apart, a minute seemed like an hour. I began just walkin down the rode and stared with wide eyes. They sat back and laughed there asses off, while I stumbled down the road. Then reality hit me in my face and I gasped because I didn’t know how I got where I was. I turned around and saw the 2 morons laughing there asses off and I though how long it had been since we smoked those joints. I look at my watch and realized only 3 minutes had passed! It felt like a whole day!

I finally made my way back to the yard and I sat down in a chair. I watched my bro. He froze! Nothing moved! The only thing moving was me! Then my bro slowly sped up till he was back to normal pace. And time beagan again.

As I sat there I found a really neat branch and stared at it for a long time while the others sat and told each other jokes. I wasn’t payin attention to them but stared at the stick. I dunno why but that stick was really cool! There voices sounded like paper rustling. Suddenly the stick became boring and I knew I was coming down. This saddened me.

I looked at my watch and saw it was only 2:00am !I had only taken the shrooms 3 hours earlier! Damn. Talk about loss of time.

I got real tired so I went inside and crashed.

This shroom experience is definitely worth trying and more than once! I know ill be doing shrooms a little bit more often. I HIGHLY recommend watching “Siffle and Olly” while shrooming! Its really cool.

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