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Trips in New Orleans

The first time I ever triped was with my roommate and a friend at my first year in college.

The first time I ever triped was with my roommate and a friend at my first year in college. My roommate had hooked us up with some friends from a mutual friend. We had a fourth of an ounce between the three of use.
Before we ate the shrooms we went on a walk and smoked a bowl. We had also bought an eighth of dank for the evening. We came back to the room and ate at around ten. After eating the shrooms we walked to a local store to buy cigeretes. At about fifteen minutes after injestion we were starting to feel the shrooms. We had decided to take a tour of the houses in the garden district of New Orleans. So we made our way to the trolley stop.
We hoped on the trolley hoping to ride it to Napoleon to take this tour. The people on the trolley were begining to freak us out so we got of and decided to walk. At this point we had only riden the trolley for a few blocks and we were already seeing tracers and closed eyed visuals.
We began looking at all of the architecture of St. Charles and ocassionally went down a side street to smoke a bowl. After an hour or so we had still not found this street so we decided to walk to the French Quarter. This
is at least six or seven miles from where we were.
We are seeing all kinds of patterns in all of the buildings and were tripping pretty hard. After three hours or so, I can't really say because none of use were wearing a watch, we arived at the French Quarter and we saw the only person we know all night and this person completely wigs us out, so we head down to the river walk.
After another half an hour or so we caught a cab back to the dorm. We smoked another bowl of dank and sat in the dark listening to Pink Floyd for the rest of the night.

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