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This was all on a saturday night i just got off work at hardees in wisconsin and I had to gank a bike to get over to my friend L's house. Evryone was there and they were arguing over a short ounce or something and my friends L and S pulled me into his mom's room and pulled out shrooms and exstacy they were liberty caps on double stacked saturns. so we took two saturns and eat about an 1/8 of caps and went back out. we got everyone out cause we wanted to go to a chicks house named K when i pulled away from L house i almost hit S getting into J car. We started to go by this time it kicked in hard and i was flippin. I got to a stop sign and this girl C came runnin up to the car and wanted me to let her drive but fick that this was fun. It was like a videogame i was rolling so hard and trippin bad. I cant believe i madi it there. We got in the house and her parents were not home and i told some chick how fucked up i was and she was like do you want a massage. Well it just started and felt so good it felt like my back was liquid i didnt have a working muscle in the body. Just then K yelled my mom is home everyone in the back room. It was all dark i was seeing all types of colors and the room was getting smaller. her mom was all drunk and just got in a fight with her boyfriend. she was yelling this shit about her being a slut and she kept on and on about it. so me s and L went to the window and tried to open it i said fuck it and went back then they got it and went out the window to the cars that were way down the street. Most the people were out and i said fuckit walked up the stairs and out the door and slammed it behind me and yelled slut loud as hell. i could barley see cause there was all kinds of trees and i was so messed up it took me twenty mins. to find my car i let some one else drive back to L house and when we got there we turned on the lights black lights and strobes lasers. it was tight we chilled had some beers and the chicks stayed we had them strip had some fun and went to bed at like six in the morning we were candy flippin

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