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tripping with my parents!

First off id like to say that I have a low tolerance for most anything so I wasnt expecting such intensity that I experianced.

First off id like to say that I have a low tolerance for most anything so I wasnt expecting such intensity that I experianced. I weigh around 130 and I'm 18 years old. I decided to try shrooms two days ago which I brought with me to my friends house. I had about an 1/8 with me. We decided to go for a car ride so we got into his car and drove around as I digested my mushrooms with orange juice. I started at around 5:45 PM and didn't really get into the trip till around 6:30. It gradually came on like I was expecting and I started to get a little ancy. My head just got really unclear and my thoughts were scrambled. We drove around for a while as my trip started to set in and I really felt uncomftorable sitting in the seat. I felt as if I was gonna fall through the seat onto the pavement underneath, which really freaked me out. All was going ok, until he told me we were lost. I must of dazed off into my own world and not realized where we were. He smoked a lot during the car ride which probably led to us getting lost. At this point I was freaking out and thinking became unbearable. I was having a lot of negative thoughts and everything was just plain confusing. I felt as if I was in a different reality and everything I was experiancing was what life really was. If that makes sense. I really wanted to go home so I asked if I could get dropped off when we found our way back. My friend really didn't wanna leave me alone cause I was tripping and he was worried about me. But he did what I asked and took me home. Driving in the car was the worst thing ever because I felt like everythign was coming down on me and I couldnt move. I kept wanting to get somewhere conftorable and time felt like it stopped for so long during the car ride. I finally got home about two hours into everything. My mom was in the driveway walking into the house which really freaked me out since I didn't want her to know I had taken shrooms. I went in my house and she looked at me as if somehting was wrong. She asked me why I was so sweaty and pale. Something in me had to tell her so I told her I had taken shrooms and I was scared. For some reason she didn't yell at me or antyhing like that, but she told me to calm down and that it was only chemicals. My Dad was there too and he told me to get stuff in my system since I only had breakfast that morning. I walked around my house for a while, everything in my house was moving with me and whenever I breathed the whole room breathed. It was rather cool. I ended up watching the basketball game (ncaa) and freaking out telling my Dad how sorry I was and how bad I was feeling. I had a lot of visuals such as the players haveing 20 arms and everything morphing on the screen. My dads face was swirling and at times he looked as if he was dead. I couldnt eat anything and I felt nauseous. My whole body was numb and it was immpossible to pee. My whole reality i was in was no where near how i think at this moment. I constantly thought of negative things and I couldn't control what i was thinking. I believe the car setting really set me off bad and I wish we stayed at his house. I'm not ashamed of telling my parents and getting laughed at by my friends because in the end It made me a lot more comftorable and I felt it was better for myself to be home then somewhere else freaking out. I still can't believe I told my parents and that I was watching a basketball game.. pshh.

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