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I’ve always wanted to do shrooms, ever since I was first getting into marijuana.

I’ve always wanted to do shrooms, ever since I was first getting into marijuana. I loved the high weed would give me, so I wondered about the intensity of shrooms. Shrooms must be a whole different experience. And that’s exactly what it was, and experience, that I would never forget. I loved every minute of it, it changed who I am.
I am a musician, an and entertainer, it’s a good combo if you ever want to be a performing artist. I and in high school and I wont the talent show this year by singing piano man, while playing the harmonica, piano, and singing. I don’t mean to boast, but I want to give a background on me, and what makes me go. Music is my whole life, I love it and it will continue to be my whole life forever, until I die, I want nothing else but music. Well last night I had an experience stronger then any other, my entrance into the sacred realm of magical mushrooms. The night before last, I planed to trip with my friend from out of town, so I invited him down to my home town, he brought two of his friends and we jammed for hours, I invite a girl over who happens to like my friend, and also has a boy friend, well the boyfriend get wind that she is with my friend at my house and threatens to come over and beat him up. None of us were phased at the time, but later on that night we decided that shrooms would not be a good idea under the circumstances. After all you don’t want to think that someone is gonna come over and beat you up when your tripping hard with a strobe light going off in the back round. Well anyway, we just smoked a lot of weed and had a great time anyway.

Come the following night (last night), I was sitting at my computer baking up and I looked at the bag of shrooms I had and said, what the hell, ill just eat them now. There were two reasons that I decided to do them, one was that I didn’t like that fact that my mom could come down and find them, and two I was just so curious about what it was like. I ate them all of them, I didn’t mean too, I wanted just to take a small amount, just to test them out, but I got impatient, you know the old routine, cant wait for it to start, so just take more, and more. Well I took the whole bag, which wasn’t that much, it was about ¾ of an 1/8. So I was all alone ready to trip, happy as can be that I final get to find out what its like. Little did I know what was about to happen.

Well I felt it come on, it was all of a sudden, even though I know I was feeling it build up, when I was in full effect, the build up didn’t matter, and it felt all of a sudden. I live in the basement of my house, it sounds creepy, but its redone, mostly wood walls, but one corner is brick. These brick would be the entertainment for the rest of the night. I was doing everything you shouldn’t do. I was alone, at night, and hadn’t planed out the night. Yet for some reason, even though I knew I shouldn’t do it, I was totally ok with it, and happy about it. Well I looked at the bricks, wow. If you ever get a chance to be next to a brick wall while tripping please do so, its great. The cement in between the bricks started flowing like crazy, in every direction. Colors kept changing, so I couldn’t tell which was which. Red on the plastic cup turned blue, green, yellow, and color, it just kept changing, it was great, everything wasn’t just one color, it was all the colors, except the bricks. The bricks stayed the same dark red, some darker then others. But the shadows they casted onto the flowing river of cement was amazing, and then all of a sudden the would change, all the bricks would become new bricks. Different bricks. Some newer looking bricks would turn old, the old one would turn new, until the were all the same type of brick, and then the all turned black, and a storm cloud formed from them, and cast lighting at me, at the bed I was lying in. but at that point I said, I don’t like the lighting, not I focused harder on the bricks, and the cloud went away. I found that I had control over the whole trip.

Well for the rest of the night I would start the brick wall, which would do the same thing (to a lesser and lesser effect every time). I also talked to some friends online about what I was seeing, the seemed to enjoy the stories I had to tell them. Dumb and dumber ended my night, and I must say it was a great experience. I thought that maybe it would help with my music, but I think I need a lot more control over the mushrooms before I can apply it. I definitely can’t wait to do them again this coming Monday, with the friend that never got to, and two other friends of mine. We will be journeying into the woods. Well until next time… I’m out, peace and much love!

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