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Moe's Outdoor Growing Tek

This tek is intended for the outdoor cultivation of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

This tek is intended for the outdoor cultivation of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. It is suitable for climates where the daytime temperature is between 65°F-100°F in the Summer for at least a few weeks.

Water: a hose or someway to get the freakin water to the outdoor patch

Manure: any kind will do. I get the cheap bag from walmart. Regular manure, nothing fancy if you can get it fresh.. yaay.

Hay or straw.. soaked for 24 hours: regular HAY or straw. Nothing fancy, nothing special. Any kind: Wheat, grass, whatever.. freaking HAY


A shady spot... near a tree or where there is ....SHADE. nothing special if light gets to it part of the day.. it's ok.

A shovel for digging

A rake for raking

A rubermaid tub or a trashcan to soak the hay in.

A a brick to put on top of the hay when you soak it.. (duh, hay floats)

Some colonized cakes or colonized birdseed or millet or rye( fresh ones works best...spent ones can be used and should never be put in the trash). Substrate doesnt matter.. cakes are damn cakes! this will be the spawn for the patch.


1. dig a hole about 6 inches deep. It can be as wide as you want if you have a shitload of cakes to bury or just want a big patch.

2. if you have MORE THAN ONE CAKE crumble one and toss in the newly dug hole. If you have one cake, break it in half and crumble a half in the hole. (remember, the MORE spawn the BETTER have more than one cake ).

3. Take some of the soaked hay right from the soaking container and cover the crumbled cakes. Pack it in there..

4. Take the manure and make a layer over the hay. cover it all and not too deep about an inch.

5. Place some more hay on the dookie you just laid down about an inch.

6. Place cakes on the hay you just laid. This is the important step. For fast fruits, it's good to have a shitload of spawn near the surface of the earth so that it can just "pickup where it left off" and start consuming the new nutrients and fruit.

7. Place hay on the cakes... not too much! dont drown the cakes in hay in this step. Get the cakes covered and let some of the cakes show thru the hay.

8. Do a dookie, hay and earth mix on the ground. The ratio? Not too much shit and not too much dirt. The hay doesn't matter, just mix it.. Use the shoveled dirt and mix all 3 up reeeeel guuuud.

9. Rake the mixture over the hay you just laid. Don't cover more than 2 inches it's okay if the patch bulges above the ground.

10. cover with a thin layer of hay and water but don't drown it unless you live in arizona.


All shrooms started outside in nature ... so, when deciding to start outdoor cultivation project...the question is not.. "Hey what strain is good for outdoor cultivation?". Think about the weather conditions that you are attempting to grow in.. It's like asking... What kind of penguin is good to raise outdoors?" DUH? Most penguins are from the south pole. So if you live in Mexico City, think about the question you just asked ..get where I'm going at with this? DO RESEARCH on the type of shroom that you are attempting to grow.
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