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Is there a difference in yield if I use multispore inoculation or an isolated strain?

There is a difference.

There is a difference.

Cloning assures using a KNOWN producer at the EXACT ENVIRONMENT you are growing in. THIS IS A SUBSTANTIAL DIFFERENCE in application.

Yields CAN increase due to the application of this PRINCIPLE. Yields are never going to be greater then the Best Substrain isolated from a multitude of substrains tested in your EXACT ENVIRONMENT. Yields ARE never going to be greater then the potential of the BEST SUBSTRAIN in your environment.

Both methods work, and Multispore can and will produce HIGH YIELDS, but CONSISTENCY OF HIGH YIELDS in a constant environment will be GREATER with a known substrain isolated and tested from MANY substrains. When you multispore, which ever substrains get a STRONG foothold first on the substrate are going to make up the majority of the Mycelial colony. The ones that make up that majority do the majority of the fruiting, those are NOT NECESSARILY the best ones for your environment. YOU ARE ROLLING THE DICE. Substrains interact, and rewire each other, but the notion that a VERY GOOD SUBSTRAIN for your environment that formed LATER then the other Multitudes that formed is going to somehow out-compete the ALREADY RAPIDLY GROWING multitude of Substrains is Statistically SMALL.

If you are Getting Equal yields from your isolates and your Multispore trays, then YOU have not ISOLATED enough Substrains for testing in your environment. Try isolating a 100-1000 substrains from each Strain, test them all, and then make a determination.

The poor Isolate is not going to outperform the Group of Good Matches resulting from a multispore.

FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES this argument is RIDICULOUS, because NO-ONE here is Spending that kind of money to ISOLATE that many substrains to even make the statement. And in the end, The YIELD potential of this BEST ISOLATE is probably not going to be SIGNIFICANT enough to make the effort worth while. The mushroom mass is only able to convert so much of the substrate into fruits, this is a range, and the difference between the Average Substrain and the BEST one, is not much.

Substrate supplementation will get you Higher yields without all the fuss.

Most of the breeding on shrooms is done to isolate Substrains that maintain traits beneficial to their earliness,CO2sensitivity, harvesting considerations, shelf life, and Appearance.

Mushrooms are like any living thing that reproduces, they shuffle their DNA to guarantee Diversity of Genetics to be able to Live in changing environments. To assume that one substrain will not perform better in a certain environment would be to ignore Nature.

The Realization that a Group of substrains will perform ALMOST as good as that one BEST substrain, is to EMBRACE the kindness of the creator. " Everyone is fighting to get to the top, but tell me how far is it from the bottom".

If yield is your ultimate objective, GO BULK. If you are into Viewing the diversity of individuals within the Masses, do ISOLATES. All things are created equal, they just perform better in different circumstances.

~by Teonan

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