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Tripping w/ the Duck

I've done acid many times and always wanted to try mushrooms.

I've done acid many times and always wanted to try mushrooms. Unfortunately I've had the wrost of luck trying to obtain them here. The last time the asshole sold it to me in wet weight. Then one day the mushrooms came to me, i found a nice patch of P. Cubs growing. I went to the library and searched the ent to make sure these were indeed the mushrooms. I had some picked to match it with in the books and net better and started drying them in a tupperware bowl w/ damp-rid under a screen.

I probably took them out a day early but they were pretty dry. I weighed out 3 grams and ate them w/ some popcorn and it actually tasted good. My girlfriend was over and we smoked a few bowls a few hours before and I was stell feeling a little high and could feel them coming on. It wasn't as intense as I was expecting, but I think that's from them not being totally dry, but it was still a very good experience.

I was feeling the shrooms for about an hour when i had the best sex I've ever had. I always heard it was supposed to be good but this was unbelievable. Then we went into my room and rolled a blunt. The shotguns from my girlfriend were just pushing the shrooms effects, it wasn't as intense as LSD but I think it was alot more spiritual.

We went out back with my dog and our blunt and the stars were incredible. I could hear ducks quacking and making other noises and i continued to get shotguns. It was so cool being out there in the nature and the moon and stars. I made that hinking noise like ducks do to call each other at night and they immediatly all stopped talking. I did it 2 more times and thought of what an idiot I must be acting like in front of my girlfriend. She didn't take any mushrooms. Then the ducks started honking back. We did it back and forth a few more times and they swam over to my yard and looked around a little in my yard. there was already 2 other ducks on my dock. It was cool but then my dog ran down the steps and scared them off so I felt a little bad.

We went back inside and had a few more shotguns. That blunt lasted us the whole night only having to take a few hits here and there. My ggirlfriend hadn't toked for a few months so she was feeling pretty good too. I had the best time talking and laughing with her and watching space ghost coast to coast and duckman and south park. It was around 3 a.m., I ate them at 9:30 p.m. so we went to 7-11 to get some doughnuts. I forget what 7-11's were called but they're like dunken doughnuts cappachino blasts but better. It had one of those cool 3-d board on it, like those godzilla cups. I was staring at that forever, the 2 employees were outside smoking so I guess i didn't make that much of an ass out of myself. We both got one and they just tasted so good. So we went home, ate the doughnuts and finished the blunt. they taste so good when high. We stayed up to bout 5a.m. talking then started to fall asleep. I started dreaming but wasn't totally asleep. It was so wierd, it was like inbetween this reality and another dimension of your mind. If only i had an isolation tank! Although it wasn't as intense as my LSD trips I feel this was one of my best trips, except for my first LSD trip. It was more enlighting.

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