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Tripping in School During Finals...

I remember my 1st trip pretty good since it was a complete hell!

I remember my 1st trip pretty good since it was a complete hell! Way back in the day when i was in high school, i remember that i took my first shrooms (only about a gram or so of shake from the bag) during my finals week. I was expecting not even to trip, since i took so little. I smoked a bowl and the evening started.
It's about 7:00 and i'd just finished smoking a 20. I listen to my downloaded music and close my eyes in my chair, right by the computer desk. I'm listening to some trippy songs when all of a sudden i realize i'm thinking about some fucked up thoughts. Just completely random things. Also, i thought many non-living things were alive. For example...
I thought that a Rollar Coaster Tycoon Game Box was rapping "Fuck the POlice" by NWA and that the left side of my room were all cops. Then, I thought that a piece of paper was shaking, and that my computer was about to blow up since it was shaking so much.
Then, i remember telling my friends online how messed up i was. The moment i thought i heard a sound upstairs (i'm in my basement), i thought my friends were robbing my house, since i was in such a helpless condition i couldn't stop it. So i turned off my music, afraid they'd hear me and come down, and started to be very quiet.
Once I felt safe, I downloaded this song off Kazaa called "trance on ecstacy". It's VERY trippy, you should hear it. I was listening to it, and it seemed as though every thing in my basement (pencils, CD cases, printer, TV, cartoon, speakers) all were saying "ecstacy" like they wanted me to do it.
Then, I started thinkikng of how evil ecstacy is (never tried it) and thought that it would control everyone and make then all equal and stuff.
Then, I thought that the world eneded when i closed my eyes, and that now people lived on the verge of exticition. While listening to some emotional music with inspiring words, i started crying 2 times that evening, thinking of how stupid humans are to have their government destroy them. I then thought of how nice it would be to have no government, but i realized that everyone in some way or another would make a governemnt -- to enforce rules. But I then came to the conclusion that a government which has as small a role as possible, and is only around to make new laws/rules once in a while, and to enforce old rules, is the best governemnt.
After freaking out looking at a trippy desktop background, I went to sleep.
I remember that I had 2 finals that next day, and I felt fine when i woke up. However, i was actually still high, but didn't realize it! I hopped onto the school bus and the day went by fast as hell. I didn't remember much, except being confused about why there are so many people in one place. I thought that maybe a party is going on or something, but then realized i'm in school. I also rememebr asking one of my friends if "it's just me, or is there something different about life now?" and he just calmly said that it was just me.
During my 1st final, I did pretty good. I had an easy class and only had 10 questions on the quiz, and I recieved 10/10 (remember, since i stuffed the graded test into my bookbag). After that, we watched Happy Gilmour until the class period changed to my next test.
While watching the movie, it finally hit me that i was buzzed out of my mind. I was laughing at everything, and people were giving me strange looks. I then started freaking out when i realized i was still high/tripping slightly. I had my english final next, and all i remember is that i thought it was kinda easy, and that i got a B or A. that's it.
everything else was like a blur for me, but in slow-motion. I could remember part of the bus ride home, and I remember one of my friends Josh saying how our busdriver was a hustler, since he wears dark sunglasses during winter! I laughed my ass off and after like 15 minutes, I was home.
At home, I played some Mega Man X4 (Trippy game!) and went on the internet. I soon lost track of all time and forgot what was going on. Then, I thought back on what I did today, and it hit me -- I actually went to school today! I started freaking out, since i was hitting almost a peak in my trip. I had what seemed like an anxiety/panic attack and didn't know if i did something bad at school or not. I couldn't remember, and it made me nervous not knowing what I did at school.
Anyways, one of my friends asked me to call him, so i did. I remember him talking about a "plan" to get free shrooms somewhere, but after talking to him for ike 15 minutes, that's all i remember.
I then started posting frantically in all sorts of drug-related forums asking for help. I was freaking out and couldn't control myself. After reading a helpful post, I went to sleep and woke up almost 3 hours later, feeling better.
I went to sleep later that night and went to school the following day to finish up finals. That's about all that I rememebr from that day, other than it was the scariest day of my life.

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