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tripping at tool

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me and my friend drove to atlanta to see a tool play one time. we planned ahead of time to take some shrooms because we figured what would be better than watching the tool screen while listening to them live, and tripping? so we got there and checked into a hotel a block away, drank a few beers and ate our shrooms(an 1/8 a piece) this was about 1 hour before the show was suposed to start, and from our balcony we could see a huge line forming around the club. we figuered it would be best to go right after we dosed so we wouldnt miss anything. so we both chugged a couple beers and bounced. i wasnt 20 feet down the hall when i started to feel the shrooms(they kicked in really really fast) i looked at my friend K, and could tell he was feeling them to. he looked at me and laughed "i'm already starting to trip" i said i was feeling them too. about half way up the street, we both started to giggle and laugh some as we walked to the show. We got there to find the line extending around the building amlost twice. it was a dark omen. we stopped on the way to the end of the line to watch a foreign man repeatedly back into a car over and over as he tryed to unpark himself. it was fairly histarical, you didnt even have to be shrooming. so we went to the back of the line, i was looking around at the skyline(the show was in downtown atlanta) as it started to get dark. both of us were really pyshced to see tools first show in 2 years. we talked about them for awhile and laughed at buildings and scalpors being chased. eventually after about 45 minutes of waiting in the most ridiculous line on earth. i started to feel extremly paronoid(about a hour and a half after i dosed) my friend k had this dumb grin on his face and was enjoying his self pretty well. but i was paronoid. the people around me were big noisy groups and i could hear almost everything everyone was saying. i looked back at one set of voices, a redneck 3 groups back i could hear him. it freaked me out. i was looking around alot, trying not to look like i was tripping. but i knew i was sweating, and i felt very heavy as well as sticky. i looked at buildings whos lights seemed to look like waves moving through a tube. i kept saying "this line is fucking ridiculous" my friend would agree as would the couple in front of us. but the people in front of the couple kept looking back at me, they knew. i was scared that all these people knew, it made me really uncomfortable. soon i was peaking, in a line, on a hot muggy night. this was about 2 or so hours in. i was so paronoid i couldnt tell whether people talking were talking in distorted voices or if it was just me, either way everytime i heard it i laughed. it was a strange feeling, feeling so insecure and at the same time filled to the brim with energy. my friend and i would take turns walking off so we could move around, but i was filled at this point with my delusional minds paronia that i couldnt bring myself to walk because at every stare that came my way i felt liked i was being analyzed. this feeling seemed to go on forever, my friend was fairing better, but neither of us were enjoying our peaks like we had anticipated. after about 2 and a half hours in this shitty line, i could no longer take it. i picked up a bottle off the side of the road and told my friend i was going to get some water. he didnt want me to leave but i had to so i told him i'd come back. i walked back up to the hotel room. went in and stared at myself in the mirror which seemed like it was tinting gradually more and more, and the lines under my eyes seemed to melt and strtch. i drank a shit load of water, and lyed down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. the little bumps on it looked like they were going to drip down onto my face and into my eyes, they looked like they were coming at me. i closed my eyes and felt better monetarily seeing bright colors mix together and a green ball of light ocasionally, and then brief glimpes of this guy staring at me in the line. i was tripping hard and trying to analyze what just happened, it was impossible at the time. i just knew i didnt want to go back to the line. i felt bad about my leavin k, but found out later he didnt stick around much more anyway, he walked to the front of the line and walked in with a bunch of people lol. i drank some beer hoping it would calm me down knowing you cant feel it when your tripping. i walked out onto the balcony and chilled looking down at the city(that was what calmed me down i think) i started feeling good like i wanted to, making myself feel at ease. when i saw that the line was gone, i made my move.
i walked back to the show, and went right through the door, only missing the first song(it turns out waiting in the line was completly pointless) then i walked into the club and down into a sub club that i thought was the club there was no one in there so after stading there for a minute i exited and went to the club upstairs, tool was playing. i imediatly felt so at ease, the music soothed me and the darkness of the club ensured me that no one would know i was tripping, or even care for that matter. i stared at the massive screen of visuals i had wanted to view while peaking(at this point i was not peaking anymore) it was nothing short of amazing. i stared at 2 naked women swimming under water in slow motion for what seemed like a really long time. it was beautiful. eventually i ran into k, i was overjoyed that i found him, and he was smiling like a big tripping fool. then i got into the concert progressivly more and more. i had a great time. maynard said at the end something like "take this experiance with you when you leave, dont ever forget it, try to learn from it" or something like that. and that really stuck in my mind like he was talking directly to me. after the show me and k hung around the place for about 20 minutes and then walked back to the hotel. with him lighting a blunt and me cracking a beer as we walked through the door. the rest of the trip seemed like a regular trip we have, we laughed alot, talked about how cool stuff looked, and had a grand old time. we had no tv in the room(i dont know why, we pondered for awhile and laughed about how we were ripped off, eventually i called the front desk and asked them and they didnt know either) so we spent alot of time on the balcony, k kept throwing roaches of the balcony and yelling for me to "look out for flying roaches!", something which seemed to never get old. we watched some crack dealers on the street sell crack for awhile with alot of excitment. later we could see a big group gathered around a tour bus at the place, from our balcony and decided it was time to go meet tool. this idea went all to hell when k "couldnt move his legs" his legs were dead he kept saying. so instead we poured beer and threw roaches off the balcony. watching beer droplets fall 12 stories is awesome! a common topic of discusiion was how stupid it was to go wait in that line for almost three hours while peaking. something we had to laugh at ourselves for. i would sometimes drift back into thinking about the line, but would preocupie myslef so i wouldnt feel bad again. at about 4 in the morning i went to bed.

this trip was not what i thought it would be at all, i felt horrible, then happy. but i did learn something, which was that i shouldnt put myself in situations where my insicurities can be amplified and potentially ruin my night. and also, to try to have a better sense of a time line before i dose, and know where i might be when i'm peaking, cause once i start peaking, time is altered very severly. and over all to think things through a little more, before i start tripping so i'm not sucked into a vortex of thoughts of what other people think of me, and not worry about it so much, because when your paronoid you cant think clearly and its only going to be as bad as you make it for yourself, and it will only go as far as you let it.

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