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Is mushroom hunting dangerous?


Yes. When you consider the angry bulls, poisonous snakes, insects, plants, and farmers with guns that can be encountered on any mushroom hunt and the fact that eating an unidentified mushroom can kill you it is safe to say that mushroom hunting is dangerous.

Yet for every danger there are ways to minimize, if not get rid of, those dangers. The first way to get rid of some of the dangers is never hunt alone. This is sometimes hard to do but it is recommended that you find someone to hunt with in case you get bitten by a poisonous snake, fall over a cliff, or encounter a danger where a friend might be of some assistance. If you do not have a friend who is interested in mushrooms as you are maybe, you have a friend that would like to go on a hike with you. Who knows, maybe you can turn them on to a neat hobby that you enjoy.

The second danger, eating a poisonous mushroom, is easy to solve as well:
Do not eat any mushroom you cannot identify!
Many people like to take risks and we have no control over that. However, we do want you to be a responsible mushroom hunter. If you take risks and you die due to mushroom poisoning you make all mushroom hunters look irresponsible. We do not want you to die and we do not want to look irresponsible either.

Attitude is very important. The more cautious you are about mushroom hunting the less likely you will get hurt. Like many things in life the more you rush the more likely you are to make mistakes and since these mistakes can be deadly ones we strongly advise you to take your time to properly identify any mushroom you find. This is doubly true if you are considering eating it.

The next thing you can do after you find someone to hunt with you is to buy a mushroom book. That will help you identify the mushrooms and help you find the mushrooms you are after. The Shroomery offers mushroom hunting guides for this reason.
For the United States, David Arora: Mushrooms Demystified is a great first book.
The next one would be Paul Stamets: Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World.
Each of these books are invaluable for finding mushrooms and both can be used to find psychoactive mushrooms.

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