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tripping at ozzfest

Well me and my friend went to ozzfest 98.

Well me and my friend went to ozzfest 98. Right when we got there we went looking for acid (yeah this is so posted to be for shrooms but whatever)anyway i got lsd at about 4:00pm and i brought 2 hits and so did my friend this would be my first time tripping and my friends second anyway we went and layed down and look at the sky about 25 mins into it the sky starting waving into its self kinda like that TOOL cd and a big bug fromed out of the clouds and i just started luaghing. After that limp bizkit was about to come on so we got up to go see them. They started playing and i didn't noice that there was a hug toilt on stage intill like 20 mins into it. after that we went and got stoned in the woods and layed down and looked at the trees and leafs i was seeing carzy thing like the leafs were driping on my face and my arms were melting into the ground. after that we got up and it was getting dark out so we went layed down TOOL came on but we couldn't move its like the music was holding us there by now i was peeking and i looked at the side of the wall and it started changing shape and swirling it a drangon and then it flow away. After the show was done i was still tripping and my mom picked us up. I didn't think she know but eveytime she look at us we just started laughing. Dring the car ride i was looking at the moon and it turned it to a smilly face and it started talking to me. But then about 1 hour later i cam down and fell asleep. Great trip and i've loved it ever sice then. :-)

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