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Abbreviations for Psilocybe cubensis Strains

This section is a list of many various Psilocybe cubensis strains.


The documents In this archive are meant for historical research purposes only. The Shroomery will not be held liable for any failed attempts to cultivate using the Techniques herein. To find updated growing information and procedures please refer to the Getting started and General Cultivation links provided under the mushroom info tab of your home screen.

These are various strains of the mushroom species Psilocybe cubensis. The spores for these can be purchased at many of the vendors hosted here at the Shroomery. The spores are for microscopic examination only and should not be used to cultivate these mushrooms if it is illegal in your area to do so. You may see the same strain mentioned a number of times, simply because it has many aliases. This list is by not complete, and in fact, very outdated.

A = A Strain
AC = Acadian Coast
AF = South African (Note: SA is South American)
SAF = South African, aka Transkei (Note: SA is South American)
SAT = South African Transkei (The strain is somtimes referred to as just Transkei, after the area it was found in.)
AMZ = Amazonian (usually PES)
AZ = Amazonian (usually PES)
AMA = Amazonian (usually PES)
AM = Amazonian (usually PES)
AR = = Argentina
AG = Argentina
AL = Allen Strain (T)
AU = Australian
B = B Plus
BHT = Ban Hua Thanon AKA PB = Pink Buffalo (T)
BLN = Ban Lipa Noi (T)
BN = Ban Nathon (T)
BS = Ban Saket (T)
BP = Bo Phut (T)
BR = Brazillian
BZ = Brazillian
BRAZ = Brazillian
BU = Burma
CA = Cambodian
CAM = Cambodian
CM = Cambodian
CO = Columbian
CR = Creeper
EG = Elephant Gate (T)
EQ = Ecuador
F = Florida Plus
FL = Florida
GC = Gulf Coast
GT = Golden Teacher
HU = Huatla
HW = Hawaiian (usually PES)
KS = Koh Samui (T)
KSSS = Koh Samui Super Strain (T)
LY = Lipa Yai
M3 = Mexican #3
MAL = Malabar
MB = Malabar
MAZ = Mazatapec
MZ = Mazatapec
MC = Mexi-Cub
MEXA = Mexican A (sclerotia)
MP = Mexican Paleneque
MR = Matias Romero
OI = Orissa India
PAN = Panama
PB = Pink Buffalo
PE = Penis Envy
PE6 = Penis Envy 6
PF = Psylocybe Fanticus' Matias Romero
PFC = Psylocybe Fanticus' Matias Romero
MR = Psylocybe Fanticus' Matias Romero
PI = Phucket Island (T)
PM = Plantasia Mystery
PR = Peurto Rican
SA = South American (Note: Don't confuse with South African)
TAP = Tapalpa
TP = Tapalpa
TAZ = Tasmanian
TC = Treasure Coast
TX = Texan
VI = Virgin Islander

Key: (T) = Strain is from Thailand

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