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Trippin' on A Hole..

First of all, I can't believe how powerful these things really are.

First of all, I can't believe how powerful these things really are.

My dose consisted of a VERY fresh 3.5 inch long fruit plus another that possibly measured an inch.

I thought I was experienced. I thought I was tough. I know better now. Do not EVER underestimate the power of the magical mushroom.

It started around 530pm on Sunday. I was bored. I was also anxious to experience some of the fruits of my labors. After a month of caring for my babies, I needed something to prove to myself that it was not all in vain. I definitely got the proof that I sought.

I had been eyeing the biggest of the litter that had been progressing nicely over the last few days. I am quite sure that the big boy grew enough that day alone to make me want to ingest him. After a period of debate, I picked out a little cousin off a different cake who was really just a baby, but I could tell just by the color, it was ripe. I ate them both at 650pm

People often complain about the taste of the mushroom. I admit the flavor of these specimens was a bit strong, but I'm sure I've eaten some of my mother's cooking that tasted worse. I chewed the suckers up and ate them like I was eating a carrot. ( a little ranch dressing made it MUCH better)

Fifteen minutes later, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It turned out to be nothing, but I knew from past experience that it was just beginning. As a precaution, I ate several Tums or Rolaids or something to protect my stomach from the odd rumbling and queasiness that inevitably comes with ingesting something so powerful. I'm so glad I did that, because I probably would have blew chunks without the tabs.

One half hour after munching on the shrooms, I felt giddy. Not the phony stimulant induced giddiness of X, but a general lightness that made me smile. I smiled at the TV for a while. The picture became a bit blurry, so I decided to look at something else. I went to the mirror. I was checking to see if I had those impossibly dilated pupils that usually occur. They might have been large, but it was probably just the lighting. I watched for a while to see if anything would happen. It was soo cool, I could control the size of my pupils. All I had to do was think about opening or closing the aperture of my pupils and it would happen. Then I saw my reflection in the dark glassiness of the pupils. It was very enticing to look into my own eyes and see me looking back at me. I stared and marveled for a long time. I wasn't really staring or admiring myself out of vanity, but out of amazement. My skin started changing colors. I was red, then I was orange. Then I was translucent. I could see the veins and arteries and there various colors beneath the skin on my face and neck. It got too weird.

I wanted to hear some tunes, as the time had progressed significantly, or so it had seemed. I discovered that I had no way to comprehend the process of hooking up the CD player. I then realized that I had no idea what I wanted to hear. At that point it did not matter. Things surrounding me seemed so interesting. The candles that I had been burning all evening now seemed new and fascinating. The shadows cast on the wall by one candle through its glass jar was really entrancing. It formed a pattern that looked like a cage, which it turns out that image would follow me all evening.

I stood outside in the cold. The temperature was in the forties, but I wasn't cold. I watched the low hanging clouds reflect the lights of the city. I shined my pen laser up at the clouds and it made the coolest shapes (not really possible, but it was still cool).

I tried the TV for a bit. No go there. I couldn't keep focused long enough really see what was on, besides the picture was WAY too bright anyway. The things the folks were saying made no sense whatsoever.

That's when I picked up the laptop and wanted to try to record some thoughts. At this point, I was sure that I could stop trippin and focus on something productive. I tried...then it really struck me as funny that I should even try. There was no way I could focus. Too many colors, too may odd objects running around my apartment. It's kinda funny, because I never got to catch one of those things scuttling around the floor. They only seemed to appear when I wasn't looking.

After the extremely trying experience of attempting to record some thoughts, I was tired. I sat on the floor, because it was the only thing that didn't try to suck me into it when I sat down. The bed, the couch, the bathroom door, they all tried to envelop me. It wasn't an unpleasant thing, it was just a bit disconcerting. I finally gave in to the sofa's beckoning and let it surround me. Lights off, only one candle burning, I closed my eyes and thought I should drift off to sleep. Of course that was impossible, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of the evening. Instead of trying to let external factors influence my trip, I let my mind wander. There is not enough time or disk space available to allow me to describe where I went and what I saw. I can only express a feeling of openness and liberation. Very dreamlike, yet very real experiences happened in my head.

Two and a half hours after I had eaten those damned shrooms, I was ready for the whole experience to be done with. Things that normally annoy me only a little, seemed exaggerated at this point. The goofy guy that lives above me was making so much noise and playing some movie so loud that I was about to create a bit of a disturbance of my own. (truthfully, I was too paranoid to leave the apartment or make too much noise cuz I knew someone was gonna catch me being all f'ed up). The car alarms outside couldn't be blocked out. I thought the people who set them off should be tortured with a large siren and some really bright lights.

Almost 4 hours had passed since I ate the odd tasting and magical fungus. I was spent. I finally braved the television again. It did not matter what I watched, I had seen it all before. Every character on every show had told me everything that they were gonna say and do. I was amazed at the fact that I knew it all before they did. It occurred that it was only a trick that my mind was playing on me, but it was still pretty cool. As I watched faces on the screen, I heard exactly what they were going to say just seconds before they actually said it. I also knew the reaction of the other characters before they could react.

Not too long after realizing that the tv wasn't really pre-communicating with me, I was done. A good five hours had passed, and it was finally over. I chose to anchor myself on the sofa for the evening, just in case.

In all, I had a good trip. There were some scary moment. There were a lot of really fun moments. Mix that with a whole gob of seemingly profound thoughts, you've got a really intense evening.

The following are suggestions to make a trip go well:

clean your house (if you plan to stay indoors)
make sure there is a comfort zone (some area you would not normally feel out of place)
DO NOT drink alcohol (upset stomachs and beer or liquor don't mix)
DO NOT watch the Discovery Channel when they are showing animals killing animals (bad vibes)
have your tunes ready to go, or already playing in the background
do not take any other drugs (prescription or otherwise) while using shrooms
take away anything that usually annoys you, as these annoyances seem to become an agitation (more bad vibes)
be ready to get lost, even if you are in your own home.

There is more, but everyone must learn through their own experience.

Much luck, and happy shrooming!

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