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Me and my friend decided to try shrooms at one time so we ordered 3 grams and split 50/50, i.

Me and my friend decided to try shrooms at one time so we ordered 3 grams and split 50/50, i.e. 1,5 grams each. we tought that this would be enough after reading the instructions that came along w/ the package. But the only thing that happend were that we got a bit sleepy... Real dissapointed we decided to try it one more time and ordered 9 grams, the shit arrived and we split it 50/50 again, ending up w/ 4,5 grams each .. I started the day by drinking 2 bottles of wine but my friend did'nt drink anything, some more friends came over to my house and we all were drinking heavily, then we decided to eat the shrooms, we ate them raw and it tased like hell, but i had a Gin & Toinc to wash it down w/ .. I only ate about 3-4 grams since i thiught that it might go wrong if I had been drinking before .. But my friend ate his share. After about 25-30 mins. things started to happen .. It felt like beeing REAL drunk and i didn't understand a thing .. And some more friends wich I even didn't invite came over, but i did'nt get it, it was real hard to think.. After about ten mins. my brain sort of got used to the drugs and i calmed down, that's when the hallucinations started! I talked to my friend and suddenly his lips went red and his face all pale, then his face started melting and he was talking but i couldn't hear him, i just looked at his face. Then i talked to another friend who was there and had tripped on shrooms before, and he said "I told you so, it's totaly wierd!" and suddenly his face went pale too and his eyelids went red, i coudln't relax really though, because two of my friends were real drunk and they were nagging at each other because one of them bought the last 1-1,5 grams of shrooms i had left and the other guy did'nt like it, so i had to watch them so they did'nt start to fight... But i felt real good and it was quite funny to watch colours "runnig off" and set colour to other things, like one friend who sat in a black sofa and suddenly his fingernails went black aswell.. After i while I didn't feel secure, since we live in a house there are a lot of neighboiurs everywhere so we proceeded out towards the pub. On the way every single colour became musch more stronger, we went past some purple flowers and they sort of glowed, it looked real nice.. Also we went past some grafitti and THAT looked cool, by this time we went ahead of the to fighting friends so i could really relax and enjoy the trip .. But now was the trouble it was wearing of, don't really know for how long it stayed in but by the time we got to the pub it was alost gone, i think, so i started drinking a lot instead .. As for my pal who took 4,5 grams i don't really know how it was for him, he kinda sat silent all the time and walked by himself, but i think he enjoyed it as much as i did .. :) .. anyways, i'm really gonna do shrooms again, but then it's gonna be more .. like 5 grams and maybe i sholud be more drunk before we take it .. The only sad thing is, that from the 1:st of august it's illegal to bou shrooms where i live, but i guess we will get ahold of it somehow anyway ..

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