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Trippin wit Gangstas

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It all started when word came of a large party in the outer-city, we heard about it about a week prior so i got some mushrooms and some KB's. Finally the time came for the party before we did the stuff we went out to the party first to check out the scene making sure there are lots of ppl n shit like that, there was lots of people i was kinda worried it might get busted, we ate some mushrooms and then i left with another guy to smoke some KB's (not my ride home) anyways we got back at about 12:00 and when i got there i realized my ride was gone but there was still a bunch of shady characters there, I immieadtly noticed that lots of the people there were alot older, they were smoking blunts in the icehouse outside so then i went inside the house (i thought my ride still mmight be there at that time) so i went into the house and saw a group of shady characters standing around in a circle i knew right away that everyone there were big dealers and crack heads, i became very nevrvous and worried, i saw some kinds of automatic guns laying on the table in the room i was worried because i knew that i was not welcome here, before going into the house some bitch shut the door on me and pissed me off and i woulda slapped his ass silly if he wasnt some bitch gangster who would shoot me up and if he wasnt alot bigger then me, at this moment in tyme i started trippin balls and i was like fuck fuck fuck im never gonna get home just stick here with a bunch of gangsters, all my vision started getting very wavy you know... then my heart started beating very fast i didnt know what i was gonna do and i definatly did not want to get stuck out here with all these thug lords so i had to offer the guy i smoked the KB's with some KB's to get me home he said "yea aight" so it was like 20 min drive home then when he pulled into my driveway i did something i will always remember, i pulled out a huge bud and set it on his dash and opened the door and got out, he was like "Woa thx man thas alotta bud", i said yea, sat back down in his car, ripped it in half and put the half back in my bag, and started laughing my ass off and couldnt stop so i had to get the fuck out of there before he saw me laughing so i quickly got back out and went into the house, he prob thought i was the weirdest mofo hes ever met.

It was also very strange because when i got back it was an entirely different crowd of people, and aso the kid having the party was just that, a kid, in 9th grade which was kinda weird expecially since his parents were right upstairs, and ive been to his house other times when he had partys and there wasnt a bunch of thugs there, one time he got so sick off alcohol he was puking up blood and shit and his parents had to come into the basement and they saw people doing lines in the bathroom and did not give a shit and they bought him his own veichle but he has no liscence, and his partys have gotten busted before and i dont think his parents got in trouble i think they are in with the cops or something and fuckin its like a big drug cartell after i found that shit out i dont feel like going there anymore. The kid is dropped out of school, he dropped out before 10th grade because his parents called him in sick everyday to school so they just fuckin kicked him out i still see him driving his fucking brand new truck around without his liscence and that pisses me off that crazy mofo gets that truck but someday when his parents die he wont have any money.

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