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trippin to Phish

My good friend and roomate and myself decided to eat mushrooms for the first time at our very first Phish concert.

My good friend and roomate and myself decided to eat mushrooms for the first time at our very first Phish concert. There was agroup of 8 of us, we all knew each other pretty well and we ate the shrooms about 45 minutes before showtime. We started walking into the amphitheatre the whole while having no idea what was going to happen and having no idea of the crazy night that we had ahead of us. By the time we took our seats I began to feel lightheaded but really good. I laughed hysterically at anything I saw, even the most normal of things liek a person walking by. A couple of my friends were in the same type of mood. I began to watch the crowd. I noticed how it seemed as if the crowd was moving in patterns and they were speeding up and slowing down but they were all in sync with each other, very weird.
A girl ran by us dressed like a fairy and sprinkled some kind of dust on our heads and then I laid down on the grass because I didn't feel like standing up anymore. I began to examine the grass very closely and I was amazed at how intricate it was. It was liek there were tiny civilizations living in the grass.
The show started and we got to our feet and started dancing. I'm not usually the one to dance in front of a lot of people but I was dancing all over the place. It was a really good vibe at the start. Then my friend who is usually the one in the most control out of all of us started to wig out and act all crazy. Up until that time we were relying on each other to keep somewhat level headed but after that we just spiraled downward. He started babling about the meaning of life and he was making gagging noises in between sentences. And then for no reason he would get up and start to run away. I tracked him down once but he managed to sneak off and we didn't see him for another three hours. When he took off I became suddenly depressed, I thought we would never see him again and we would never get home. Of course looking back on it I was overreacting but I had never eaten shroom sbefore and I wasn't sure what would happen. It seemed like allthe life went out of me and I laid down on the grass and started thinkig about evryone I knew and then I started crying and I was pleading to somebody to make this whole experience end. It didn't help that Phish was playing some really dark sinister tune at the time. Meanwhile all my other friends were in the various stages too. Some were wandering around, some were sitting with big smiles on there faces and some were by themselves contemplating what was going on. Finally Phish played a happier song and my mood began to improve. It's funny how music can control or shape your moods. I got up and started interacting with other people and talking and then I started to come down. Ironically the song being played at this time was titled "On Your Way Down" and had not been played in like 500 shows. I went through the whole second set feeling like i had just been through a war. My mind was drained. We found my friend after just about everyone had left the grass area, he was wandering around with his clothes in shreds and with a glazed look in his eye. Obviously he had a worse trip than any of us. We all walked back through the parking lot and we all looked beaten down. We all still talk about our experience to this day and even though I had a bad stretch i think it was a major turning point in my life. I became aware of so much more and I haven't been the same since.

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