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m420's Printmaking Tek

This tek, submitted by m420, details a simple method of taking contamination-free spore prints.

This is the best tek for me. I've gotten 0 contams so far - make a sterile print on paper with foil surrounding it and covering the actual spores. To make the print you need to a container that’s airtight and oven safe. You then heat the oven to 400° and bake the container with all the print papers inside to sterilize them. Then let it all cool down completely. Heat up oven to 190° and keep a constant flow coming out of the oven to keep out contams. Clean hands with rubbing alcohol. Now put fresh cap with as much as stem as can be cut off on top of the paper by opening the foil "lid" and placing on top. Repeat till finished. Now put lid over container and shut off oven and wait till the spores drop. To take out the prints heat oven to 190° again and clean hands with rubbing alcohol and lift the lid off and close the foil "lid" and take out the prints then simply put the foil back over and you are done. I store my prints in ziplock bags.

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