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Horse poo substrate preparation

A good pictorial on horse poo pasterurization.

1. Fill large pot 1/2 or 3/4 full h/poo.

2. Add enough spring -or- distilled -or- boiled (allowed to cool) water (so clorine is disapated) to cover content.

3. Allow to soak for an hour (to hydrate & looosen h/poo), stir to break up clumps, dig in with washed hands(or wear gloves)& crumble all clumps until consistancy of everything in pot is moist fibers (no clumps, lumps or nuggets).

4. Add 10 to 20% chunky verm (if you want, or prefer to)

5. Heat pot until content is warm, but not so hot you cannot handle it, by hand.

6. Drain off as much water as possible.

7. With large ladle (or by hand) remove some content & place in collender (in sink), then mash to remove excess moisture, so mixture is not soupy.

8. Do SQEEEZE TEST (by hand). You want to be able to pick up handfull, THAT DOESNT DRIP, but does drip a few drops - when you give it a GENTLE SQUEEZE.

9. Load (squeeze tested) h/poo into any type baking, or autoclave bag.

10. Use rubber band to hold bag neck closed.

11. Place a plate in large water pot bottom (so bag doesnt contact hot pot bottom directly).

12. Submerse bag in large pot of water, turn heat to low.

13. Use candy thermometer (held in place near bag neck - with rubber band) to monitor water temp.

14. Get water temp up to 160 / 170 F range (DO NOT GO OVER 180F).

15. Simmer submersed bag at 160 / 170 F range two (2) hours.

16. Remove bag, TIGHTEN RUBBER BAND, so bag is AIR TIGHT & allow to cool to room temp.

17. Once bag is cooled to room temp. If it appears content is a little to moist. Loosen rubber band on bag neck, hold bag over sink (upside down) & squeeze out any excess moisture.

18. If bag content appears to DRY, add TINY bit of pre/boiled water (allowed to cool to room temp) a VERY SMALL increment at a time, to adjust moisture content.

19. In aseptic conditions, dump (however much) into SANITIZED TRAY & add spawn ASAP (20% + spawn rate).

(NOTE - most bulk h/poo substrate failures (other than mold type contams)are caused by substrate BEING TO WET, at spawning)

by Agar


How do you know if the poo is "properly aged"?
If you can find h/poo that is a bit "weathered", as in rained on & dried out a few times. It is usualy - good to go - as/is.
Pick up a handfull & give it a light whiff. If it smells like good healthy garden dirt (without PISS smell). Begin gathering & go for it.
If all of it has piss smell, gather anyway. Then spread out on tarp & allow it to dry or weather out. Once piss smell is utterly gone, its good to go.

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