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trippin in my room

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I was bored one day when i got home from school, i had some mushrooms that i had purchased about two days earlier and i decided to take them. This was only my second time tripping and i didn't really know what to expect since my firt trip was mild. I can't tell u how much i took cause i honestly do not know but it did do the trick.
I started to fell the effects about 25 min after i took the shrooms. I first could tell that they were taking effect when i started to eat dinner. I was very hungry and then all the sudden i did not want to eat at all. I remeber looking down at my mash potatos and noticeing them starting to move.
I knew then that i had to go up stairs and get away from my famiy or else it would be obvious and i would be in deep shit. I went into my room and i noticed that my pupils were
as large as my eye and i could tell by then that i was goin to trip, at leat from my perspective, pretty hard. i emediatly called my friend because i felt like talking. I sat down and started to look a my map that was hanging on my wall. The ares started to blend to gether and i soon realized that the map was coming of my wall. This did frighten me at all i was pretty calm and i was enjoying myself. soon colors strated appearing out of nowhere and i noticed that my walls were chaging in color. I also remeber having a grey pillow that turned green and started to come closer to me st first this freaked me out but then i soon told myself to relax.
I decided to go lay on my bed and thats when the fun really started to happen. I could not stop thinkin about everything, life , happiness, love, just everything. I stared at my cieling which started to move and breath millions of colors started to appeat and pulsate. Colors i had never seen before i was amazed and all i could do was sit an whatch. I put on some greatful dead and just realxed.
It was now about an hour and a half after my trip and i realized that i was fallin deeper and deeper into a mental transe. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom,and when i got there nothing seemed to be the same. The streaks in the mirror began to move and i just layed back and whatched for about 15 min. my door started to have a meltn effect to hit and all arond iwas hearing vioces in my head. i soon realized that these were my vioced and i could actually hear my mind thinking. I loved this so i went back into m room and layed down again. I noticed that my arm was about as long as my leg and when i looked at my hand it was reversed ,my thumb was pionting toward me and my hand was gtting smaller than bigger.
I layed down for about another hour ijust sat and listened to music whie my mind pondred everything it could. I whatched my walls grow and change color and then i sarted to fell the effects wearing off. I felt great for the rest of the night and i was in a intelectual talkative mood. I loved every second of my expirene and i can't wait to do it again.

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