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Wrong Way To Hell

Yesterday my friend,James and I was bored so we decided to get some shrooms.

Yesterday my friend,James and I was bored so we decided to get some shrooms...We got a 1/2 Quarter and split it.The shrooms we got was the best my friend ever hooked up with.The Caps were huge!!Well James had to go to school to fill out some papers so we made a mayo and cheese sandwich to eat our shrooms with.We then went on our way...By the time we came close to the school..my friend told me to fuck school b/c he was starting to come up...So I got off the expressway and start to drive around.I was starting to come up myself so I blazed up a joint.(BUD always helps with shrooms ya know)After we finshed that I started to feel pretty good.Then I stop at a red light and a car hits my backend....Great I like to get hit so I can get insurance money,but not when I was shrooming..I got out of my car and looked at the old guy that hit me..He said"Gas Pedal is stuck,sorry about that."I thought well no damage so fuck it.I told him to get that pedal fixed and then my friend and I got back on the expressway.

I thought that a road trip would be kool because I have a tight ass system in my car...So hear we are crusing,bumping to Juvenile and No Limit Soilders.The sun was setting and the sky was beautiful.Bad thing was I can't really stare at the sky long since I was driving.Semi Trucks were passing me and it felt like the wind off of the trucks lifted my car.Well the next thing I know we got on another expressway heading away from Louisville to Lexingtion.uh.....not a good idea...You see I saw the signs but I was tripping so I didn't really care to read them...I figured whereever we went I could always turn around.So here we are heading towards Lexingtion....my friend then tells me that we are going the wrong way,but Simpsonville is just a MERE 31 miles out the way....So here I am just shitting myself...Great I get to drive 31 miles one way just to drive 31 miles back on low tires...I told my friend that this would be a great time for my car to break down....

Well we just relaxed for the trip to Simpsonville...When we got there the only thing that the fuckin town had was a BP...so I checked my tires.Then my friend and I saw two guys..They looked like twins to me and they had one pink shirts...So Thinking I living in Kentucky and all that when I turned around I should have like 4 psycho familes after me...ALA Chainsaw Massacre....I then made it back to Louisville and got on the expressway to go back to my friend house to notice that I was going the wrong way on that expressway....Great...the good thing was the next exit was only a mile away....I don't really remember that ride back to my friend's house,but one thing was for sure I was tired of driving....We sat around there for awhile when I said lets go smoke another joint because all that driving killed my trip...

After we was done smokin'I thought that my tires was flat...I asked my friend if my car seemed lower and he agreed that it did..The turning was really off..so I kept stopping to check my tires..We then went to 3 different gas stations and the weird thing is we don't know if we let air in or out.Even though we only ate 2.5 grams there were chronic shrooms...We tripped bout 6 or 7 hours.....I bought a quarter tonight and we planned on wigging tomorrow...I think I kinda got tired of smokin bud since that is all I do....and other than drinking Shrooms is all I can do...I have done a shit load of acid and I have atleast one flashback a day....So since I know that Shrooms don't produce flashbacks like LSD.I do them all the time....Anyways I will report on my next trip I believe that it will be more intense since we plan on doing some walking than driving.

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