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WOW.. that was interesting...


Ok.. well my first time I ever did drugs was Shrooms.. as crazy as that sounds it wasnt on purpose. We had just got back on a ship from Amsterdam (drug capital of Europe :P ) We had only intended on getting ourselves some Marijuana space cakes.. Accidentally we bought shrooms. Don't ask me how.. it was my bf who bought them, never trust a man to do something like that jk jk. Anyways.. we decided that it would be a good idea to see a comic movie while we ate them. After not really feeling like it was hitting us we decided to go back to our cabin (on a ship of all places) thats when it really started to kick in. This was about 30 minutes into finishing the shrooms. We just sat down and started talking until we really started to feel weird. For him it was onset right away and he was definetly tripping. I thought maybe I didnt take enough and just as soon as I said that it hit me hard. He grabbed me to kiss me and it felt like I had never properly been touched before. All my sensors seemed to kick in.. one thing led to another and we had sex. It was probably the greatest sex we have EVER had. Seeing as though we were both tripping it was absolutely insane. As good as it was I DO NOT recommend it. So we were relaxing after this little rendevous and I decided I wanted to know what time it was cause we still needed to sleep before we had to get off the ship. He went to check the clock and to BOTH of our amazments it had ONLY been 40 minutes. Here we had thought it was something like 5 hours. This must have meant we spent about 15 minutes having sex which felt like the better part of the "5 hours" At any rate we decided that this was to crazy for us and since we were still fairly normal still it was time to just sleep it off. This is when it started to get worse. I closed my eyes and immediately started hallucinating. I was seeing everything very vividly. Then I started laughing.. I couldnt stop.. and I looked over at my bf and he was laughing as well.. then in the next second he was just laying there still as a board and I was still laughing.. I then heard myself laughing but felt as if I wasnt moving my mouth or stomach at all. That scared me. To make the story a bit shorter. I was told I got philosophical and started trying to debate the meaning of life and the god questions. I also started thinking we were going to die. Since we were on a ship each sway of the ship in the water felt deeper then it should have been. So I was under the impression that we were sinking into the ocean and that we didnt know it. I thought maybe we should go talk to the captain (thankfully my bf could handle the trip better then myself and said NO WAY) I then proceeded to get extremely panicked thinking what if I were to lose control of myself and run outside the cabin and accidentally fall overboard or something.. so all of a sudden I didnt trust myself. This trip wasnt good for me and I dont plan on doing drugs ever again.. but it was definetly an experience to remember. The next day we had to go through customs back where we came from and we were BOTH still high. Luckily as before he could handle himself better then I could. I wasnt from the country he was so when I got stopped at customs they asked me a million questions (since I was entering his country not my own) and I was starting to get lengthy again (explaining things in depth) and the guy was getting mad at me.. so my bf explained where I was going and for how long and yadda yadda. WHEW.. that was scary.. fun.. but definetly a one time offer! And of course much more happened than what I said.. but nothing to spectacular just reoccuring situations and my bf trying to calm me down. I did end up crying at some point cause I was scared. It was insane...

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