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WoW!, ridiculous fun

so my friend C and I smoke a lot of buds and sauce down lots of drinks, and we've been planning to trip together for a while.

so my friend C and I smoke a lot of buds and sauce down lots of drinks, and we've been planning to trip together for a while.

Well, both of our parents are pretty psycho and keep strict tabs on us, and we knew that we had to have a foolproof setup for our first trip. (By the way, we're seniors in high school)

all of my friends had already boomed and my mom was going out of town on a wednesday (yesterday), so about three weeks before, we planned it out.

my cousin, in college, said it was cool that we tripped at her place. This way, i wouldnt have to worry about anybody coming to my house. So C, and my other best friend D, a girl, dipped out of school at like 1:30 (we were planning on tripping right after school, at 3 30, but the day of we said fuck it and skipped out; we couldnt wait)
so at about 1 45, we each ate a half 1/8 of some nice boomers. We put em on a peanut butter sandwich, which i definitely suggest to anyone.

we smoke parliament lights and all of our friends said we would need lots of squares, so we got a pack of 100s each.
we had a bunch of movies that we were planning to watch, so we started with "How High".

After about half-hour or so, i was starting to feel good. my body was getting really, really chilled out and i just felt good.

we went in the basement to have a cigarette and i stared at the lighter as i lit it for a minute ( i knew it was starting to kick in).

I had eaten a little bit of lunch, but my friend D had eaten nothin but the shrooms all day, so she was definitely feelin it before C and I. (He ate a lot of food, so it took him a little longer).

There is a beer pong table in my cousin's basement, so i was just throwing shots at empty glasses and hitting like EVERY shot. maybe it was the shrooms, but i was on fire.

Anyway, we went back upstairs and put on this kids movie that i used to watch when i was in grade school, called "We Sing in Sillyville".

The movie is about these little kids that get magically sucked into thier coloring book and into the land of Sillyville. In Sillyville, each group of people is a different color (the green Jingleheimers, and the red bitty-booties,and the yellow spurtle-gurgles). Anyway, these little kids go along with this lady called Sillywhim and they have to bring together everybdoy again. No one plays with each other anymore because they don't like the people whose color isnt the same as thiers. (green doesnt play with blue, and yellow doesnt play with red, and so on.)

The movie is all about teaching little kids about racism and stuff. As you might imagine, this was pretty intense. Watching this movie was one of the best decisions we ever made.

By this time, we were all tripping and laughing our asses off. i was watching the TV like blend in with the wall and stuff and everything was getting crazy, so it was really awesome

We went over to the kitchen and had a couple cigarettes and we watched the smoke get dragged out of the room by the wind. (There was a pink shade and it made the smoke look blue, with the sun. That was intense).

my cousins roommate asked me to go downstairs and ask the guys below them for a broom. These dudes all have shroomed before, so i wanted to talk to em, but they werent there.

However, the wooden door was reflecting off of the sun and it looked like there was a face on the door. At first it looked scary, but i didnt wanna think about scary things and ruin my trip, so i imagined it was harry Potter, who is my favorite. The next thing i knew, h was flying on the door with his broomstick

I also went outside for a minute and stared at the ice on the ground, which looked really tight.

I then went to the bathroom, and i threw water on the mirror and it was REALLY cool.

When i came back, i sat down and didnt move for about three hours, literally.

After watching sillyville, we put on "Fear and Loathing in las vegas" I have always wanted to see this, and it was the perfect time to watch it.

At this point, i was coming down a little, but still feeling really good. We didnt have any bud with us, and that sucked, cause we all wanted to smoke really bad.

Anyway, i sat and just chilled and smoked about 15 100s straight. I put the ashtray on my lap and just sat and stared. My body felt like it was moving up and down. But i was soooo comfortable.

By this time, it was about 6 45 and our trip was done, but i felt really chill.

Besides getting up for a cigarette three times, (going downstairs, outside and to the bathroom was all during one smoke break) i didnt do anything but sit and chill. But, that's what i like to do anyway, is just sit down. Other people said they like to explore and stuff, but i like to chill.

Anyway, that was our trip. It was awesome, but totally not what i expected. I did a lot of research about booming, and i thought it would be totally different.

I thought i wouldnt be able to talk to anybody or see anybody or do anything, but like stare at my hand for two hours. THis was not the case. I felt pretty normal, if i really had to, i could have talked to my mom or my sister or something.

I thought i was going to be totally out of the game, and this wasnt what happened.

On the whole, the experience was just amazing. It went of perfectly and i definitely plan to do it again soon. The next time, I'll take an 1/8 probably, and DEFINITELY have a lot of chronic with us. My only complaint about the trip was that we couldnt smoke buds. Other than that, it was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!


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