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Trippin first time on shrooms in london [©]

[chungchung productions] wagwan every one this is first time trippin story and boi was it good.

[chungchung productions]

wagwan every one this is first time trippin story and boi was it good.

It all started on sunday wen me and a few other of my m8s thought of gettn out of east london for once and pick up sumthing different than skunk so i got £10 and went to north london camden where their sold legally in shops fresh but only to people over 18 but me and my bredrins were too young the mans wouldn't sell to us becos we're 14 so i got sum other man to buy em for us and he did and i got 5 an a half big shrooms. After that got bak on the train and went to my house my m8s chickened out so i took 3 thai mushrooms fresh
( don't really hav much of a tase) and waited an hour nothing happened i got kinda of pissed off thinkin that i didn't get the real mushrooms but they only had a shit laughin effect on me where i couldn't stop laughin but this was shit as smokin weed could of got me hgiher so i saved 2 and ahlf shrooms to dry out and eat tomorrow hopin to get really trippin.

its the next day and i dryed out the shrooms outside in my shed in the sun light so they got dryed quicker.
As they got dryed i thought i shud call sum more m8s to came round jus in case i didn't get trippin to play ps2.
i ate the shrooms at 11:30am(and this tiem i almost threw up becos the shrroms tsted bad wen they was dryed out) and waited but while i was waiting for them to kik in i was playi ps2 - vice city i waited for 2 hours nothnig really happened jus felt normal then wen my m8s came roundi took em that a second time they dinn't work so i got even angry wit the shroom and decided to go pick up sum nice strong skunk off my bredrin who i shot(drug deal) wit and he came wit me bak to my house and smoked the zoot the first draw i took i felt the high dream world but i conitued to smoke wit my m8s then wen we finsihed the spliff i felt the proap drema world becos the skunk haded kiked in nicely and thats wen the mushrooms started to kik in as well as though skunk made shrooms work
walked out of my room wit my m8s and went downstairs.

POW it had fully hit me liek 2 seconds later it was my eyes got filled wit pure rainbow coulrs liek in dots every where and this was while i was walked down the stairs shit at this point i thought that the mushrooms the had kiked in hard core wen i got downstairs i told my m8s that the magic mushrooms dream wolrd had kiked in and sat down on the sofa and watched a dvd wit my bredrin this is wen the shrooms reched their peak time was going super fast and i started to think shit becos i had thought efore that my mushrooms were very weak but turns out they were all right i looked at my m8 next to me thesun light started shinning in his face and he turnt grey and wen i looked at the carpet it looked like it was flowin liek the wind was blowin it and keep on changin different colours of the rainbow and like little patches of rainbow colours flyin about and i looked out side i couldn't believe it it was bright orange and red and this is london and out side was really rainin and propa grey then i kinda to get a bit scared becos things got really intense i went bak upstairs and lied down on a bed and closed my eyes to see wat i could see .
I was in liek a warp zone and colours were all round me and then i saw more visaul patterns and lisa simspons turn in a monster breathin fire and evrey 5 minutes i would open my eyes and see stuff liek as if i was in a fish tank then i got bak up and went down stairs were the peak of the trip had ended and the skunk kiked in more as i went into a mild stoning effect but wen my m8s said liek a joke i was propa believein it and liek every half hour i would see like very small crums of rainbow colours on my t-shirt nd this is now 6:00pm wen i went bak to a mild feel good feelin 7 hours after i took the shrooms.

oh yeah 1 more thing to any 1 esl who wants to trip if u like the dream world effect of strong skunk shrooms r that and much more and if u take em make u do it on a empty stomach and neva under estimate the shrooms u take.
I would say shrooms r great way of spendin your summer holidays and i might do um more next week

Safe hold it !


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