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wow - i feel so enlightened...

Hmmm ok well.

Hmmm ok well... i took some mushrooms one night with my sisters b/f.
They took a while 2 kick in and didn't feel 2 intense 2 start with... just got some visuals of his face going flat and splitting into colours and patterns... as they do. he went 2 bed and i lay down on the rug in front of the fire 2 go 2 sleep.
did i sleep?
did i fuck.

I started thinking about things u just cant think about wen ur not under the influence. This was pretty normal 4 me so i wasnt surprised. but then, i felt like a cat.
or some kind of animal anyway. i was all curled up, feeling my breathing, feeling my body (not in a physical way), and i honestly felt like i was an animal, which isn't surprising i suppose coz we are animals aren't we... but i really felt like id gone back 2 nature... we detach ourselves so much from the animal world wen we shouldn't.

so that was the first thing
and then i started making so many connections... i got on a train of thought that was travellling amazingly fast ... its not something i can really explain that well coz... well all my thoughts led on from each other so i can't realise them again unless i start from the beginning and i cant coz im not as clever wen im not tripping,
anyway, the end result as that i saw in my mind the answer. and what i saw was my mind... my brain 2 b more precise
i asked myself things and got the answers so easily, its so hard to explain what it was.... how everything connects and is so interdependant... events, material things, anyhting u can think ofand they all happen because of each other... and beacause they just DO. and i saw the most amazing visual to illustrate it.
u probably wont get this at all and im crap at explaining but it was an INTENSE and profound experience which i will always remember and constanly use in daily life. if u haven;t tried mushrooms yet then give them a chance
they can be little bastards sometimes and twist ur mind at all the wrong angles, right sinister fuckers,
but sometimes they can be fucking amazing and i love them 2 bits, despite their crappy flaws.

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