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Wonderful First Time

I am a regular pot smoker, but wanted to try something that changes your world, and I had always heard of shrooms and what they do.

I am a regular pot smoker, but wanted to try something that changes your world, and I had always heard of shrooms and what they do. So after a few days of trying to get them with no luck, my dealer returns from a trip and gets me an 1/8.

So around 10pm my buddy and I eat the shrooms, and for other first timers, they tasted REALLY nasty. I just chewed them up and chased them with Cranberry juice.

Nothing really happened for a good 30 minutes. I started getting a mild stoned affect and then started to feel a bit light. Around 11pm we where sitting in his room with his girlfriend watching TV and talking and the lights seemed to get a lot brighter. After that, things got a little wierder.

The walls in his room started to sorta "breathe" and things got funny for no reason. Not like "cracking up" funny, just "happy" funny.

Later on that night we took a walk outside. He lived in a semi-bad part of town and normally one would be nervous walking around outside, but I felt so secure. For some reason I thought the trees where trying to touch me and the grass was trying to eat me. When we finally went back inside around 1am, my friend decided to try to sleep because he had to work, so we laid down listened to some Zepplin, Floyd and the ever great Maggotbrain. That's when I started to really trip.

To best describe it I refer to the first Matrix. At the end when Neo become the Matrix and everything is green. Pretty much I was laying there with my arm draped across my forhead. When I opened my eyes, my arm seemed to meld into my face, and the entire room was like that scene from the Matrix but not as intense and instead of green, I saw psychedelic patterns all over the room.

A lot more happened, but it would be too much to write out. But all in all, it was a really cool experience and I will do it again.

**For first timers: Your mind keeps going from thought to thought sooo fast and it is really easy to become scared. Just keep thinking you're on shrooms and it will end. I did really good by telling myself everytime I got a little nervous that I was just going to forget what I was thinking. And I pretty much did. Stay cool, make yourself have a good time and it will be one of the most amazing experience you've ever had. Good Luck!

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