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Willy Wonka...

So this was my first time tripping, me and my friend James shared 1.

So this was my first time tripping, me and my friend James shared 1.5g dried between the two of us. So i was a little nervous going into it, i knew what to expect, but this was my first time.
So we got some peanut butter and jelly, to make sandwiches and we just crushed up the shrooms n put em in. Then we got everything ready, a CD of chill music, and a movie, we decided that the old version of Willy Wonka was a good idea.
So we ate the sandwiches (that i must say were delicious, couldn't taste the shrooms at all) and i started to relax, feeling a mild stoned effect. After about 15 minutes without and real change, we decided to go out and smoke a bowl, so we did that. came back inside about 10 minutes later, and i was really stoned, but James was even more stoned then me, the shrooms hit him first.
By this time i have my lava lamp on, and we were watching Willy Wonka on mute, with a CD playing, until they got to the factory, because thats the best part. I wasn't seeing many visuals because in this batch there were not many caps, mainly stems (1st time buying) but i could really feel the physical effects. I found myself concentrating on my lava lamp for a good 45 minutes without even realizing it. then i started to pay attention to the movie, i never realized how trippy that movie is till now, it was intense.
After the movie ended, i turned off all the lights so that just the lava lamp, and my black light were on. James was passed out right now, just laying on the couch with his eyes closed, i tried to wake him up a little, and he sat up and said "are you real?" so i left him alone after that.
Now i am sitting, concentrating on my lava lamp again, and it feels like I'm sinking into my couch. I was listening to my music, and i felt like i couldn't hear it, so i kept turning it up and up, i realized in the morning that i had my stereo up very loud. I closed my eyes and i saw very crazy designs under my eyelids, like a kaleidescope. and then i fell asleep.

Over all it was a perfect first time, next time I'm going to double my dosage to 1.5 and smoke a lil more bud when I'm trippin.

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