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wierd weed trip

up until a few months ago i didnt even know it was possible to trip on weed.

up until a few months ago i didnt even know it was possible to trip on weed. anyway i smoked a bowl and didnt feel anything, so i decided to smoke another (i was just using a plain glass pipe).within a min or two i was really feelin it, and 5 min later i could barely walk. it wasnt until i stared into the mirror and noticed my eyes changing shades of red very quickly, and i started talkin to myself that i started thinkin somethin was wierd. anyway i stared into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity, and when i finally kinda "woke up" from it i felt fine, and then it happend all over again. i was kinda gettin nervous, so i decided to try to do things to take my mind off it, so i started doin some laundry. when i was rinising out the soap cup, i started to space out again, but this time it didnt last as long. this time it didnt freak me out though cuz its what i wanted it to do. when i came back inside i started talkin to myself again, only this time i was kinda yelling. when i got back into my room i thought i would just sleep it off cuz it wasnt makin me feel how i wanted it to, or like i had ever felt on weed before, only i couldnt go to sleep. this made me kind of anxious because i felt like my heart was beating so hard it was going to pop out of my chest. well i thought since this isnt workin maybe ill just watch t.v. this was good and all, but i looked up at the celieng and noticed the texture start to swirl. now by this i was really freaked out cuz i didnt know this could happen on just strtaight weed. and then the wooden beams in the celieng just disappeared, and the celeing that was supposed to be above me was over the staircase! now this really freaked me out and i just closed my eyes, which leads to my question: has anything like this ever happend to any of you? please respond cuz im just curious if perhaps it was not straight weed, maybe it was laced. thanks for takin time to read and hopefully answer my question.

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