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wierd trip

alright its friday and me my 2 friends buy some weed and i get an 1/8 of some unknown strain of shrooms.

alright its friday and me my 2 friends buy some weed and i get an 1/8 of some unknown strain of shrooms.We meet up with these two girls who we promised we would smoke up. we meet up at around 6:00 and smoke at 6:30 at this church on the corner of my one friends street, so at around 7-7:30 we get my one friend mark and my other friend joe (who gets mad high off of like 3 hits) and we decide to go chill at this playground.

The girls who were with us we didnt really want to hang out with (cause their ugly) still came with us and we got their around 8-8:30. We chilled and smoked for a while and then at 9 me and my one friend a.j. walked away saying we were going to smoke a little more.I then ate the shrooms where the girls couldnt see me (i told them i was going to get them some)and we smoked two caps in the bowl with some weed. After that we hung out for and hour and we didnt really hang ou with the two girls so then the girls walked over and said "we can leave if you want" but it seemed like she was crying. So we walked with them to where they were getting picked up and while we were standing there two people just crashed right in front of us so we left the girls there and went to the church by my friends marks house and sat there for a while.

This is where shit started getting pretty intense. im looking at the trees and there pretty normal they just lokked wavy like a normal trip, but the next ten minutes the leaves on the tree became conected to eachother and started swirling around and started to move towards me, also the bushes leaves turned int these blue circles with green triangles in them and they started spinning. i started getting nervous so i smoked a ciggerett.after that my one frind luke started to smoke his half a blunt from earlyer and let joe smoke the roach wich was probly half an inch long(he got about five hits)alll the sudden he starts laughing his ass off so i start laughing and sort of yell "holly shit joes high as hell" not knowing aj's on the phone with his mom. So he yelled at me and then we started making fun of joe.AJ and Luke left and then me and joe went to marcs house to stay the night. So while we were sitting there i had some nice vissuals with his one 2-pac poster. the smoke behind 2-pac started swirling around him and started to look like actual smoke. So we started playing mariokart wich is very gay but then thought about the girl crying and started getting real depressed and anxious to get outside. But the kids mom wouldnt let us out wich was gay cause it was 1 and she wouldnt even let us in the backyard. so i called my house to see if i could go home and i left.

When i got home i was really depressed over the girl crying and decided to take a piss. after, i looked in the mirror and saw little pieces of mushroom s in my theeth and then they started appearing more and more of them in my theeth, my puples started growing till they took up my whole eye, and my body started coming out of the mirror, plus there were these like horor screams going on in my head. this freacked me out so i grabbed some orange juice layed on my bed depressed and scared out of my mind with a pillow over my head until the trip started to come down.

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