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What the hell was I on?

This trip report is going to be a little bit out of the ordinary, because, last night I swear I didnt take anything except weed and wine.

This trip report is going to be a little bit out of the ordinary, because, last night I swear I didnt take anything except weed and wine. The weed was midi, I swear, and I just had a bottle and a half of Merlot. Nothing new.
I was at an open house party, the girl's parents were out for the weekend. So we could chill at her house. We got there at like 4 o'clock PM, and the second we got there I raced upstairs with like 6 other people to find the smoking room. Which was really the attic.
I had my pink bong which works beautifully and my friend had a new glass pipe I had given her. (I'll call her L.) We wanted to use both but we didnt have too much weed. We started off by packing 3 beautiful phat bowls into my bong. (We both can take a lot of weed. There were some first-timers around us but they didnt take as much as we did. And I think I took more than her.)
We started to get high almost immediately, after the first bowl. But the thing was, it wasn't out usual high which is really chill and everyone just sits around and doesnt say anything. We kept yelling and screaming and nobody was mad, we kept laughing, but we were so rowdy.
We then switched to L's pipe which is the hardest-hitting thing I have ever smoked from. We packed like 4 bowls of that, plus a roach. By the time we were done I was flying.
Now, J (our dealer) has been known to put other substances in his weed. We've never experienced this, but sometimes he puts crack in, or coke, or mushroom extract. I think he somehow laced this weed with a mushroom extract. I have been reading the Shroomery a lot lately because I have been wanting to try shrooming, and I know what the "symptoms" of tripping are.
Most of you must think I'm crazy, right? Tripping off weed. But I am telling you, J is crazy. I would not put it past him to fuck us up with shrooms and not tell us. And we smoked a lotttttt of weed.
I started to get sick to my stomach. I was lying on this mattress on the floor by the window and it was still around 5. Everyone else was downstairs except for me, L, and 3 others. the 3 others didnt put up for the weed and one was a first-timer and they didnt seem to be as high as me and L. They seemed to be experiencing a perfectly normal weed high. and even L seemed less high than me.
I was really sick now. I felt like throwing up. Eventually everyone else got up and left but I stayed there looking out the window. I couldn't hear anything and time was passing soooo slowly. I had a hunch that I was on something shroomy but I wasn't hallucinating. I closed my eyes. CRAZY visuals. Reds and Blues and Greens. So, what the fuck was I on?
The whole night kept on like that. I would walk around but I could barely see straight and I kept falling. I was downstairs for like an hour but I forget what happened. My friend told me later I was playing the piano. But i dont know how to play the piano!!! He said I was sitting at the piano, just playing this really spooky song like I was in a trance. BUT I DONT REMEMBER DOING THAT!!!!
At around 8:30, more weed came. We lit up about 4 more bowls. And then I passed out.
While I was passed out, I had the craziest dream. Most people don't dream when they black out. But I think I just went to sleep really fast rather than blacking out.
I was lying on my back looking up at the ceiling. But my eyes were closed. Because I was sleeping. Right????
But my dream was this: I was staring at the ceiling. Thats it. I would roll over every so often and look into the room or out the window - exactly like I would if my eyes were open and I WAS AWAKE.
Sorry about this being so long-winded.
On the way home as I sobered up at about 11, I wondered what I was on. I came home and fell asleep in my clothes. I had wanted to write in my journal but it was at my friend's house. So the Shroomery it is.

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