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trippin balls

when i did shrooms for my first time, i had no clue what to expect, but i was not ready for what happened.

when i did shrooms for my first time, i had no clue what to expect, but i was not ready for what happened. but i cant say i didn't like it, it was one of the best things i ever did. and i cant wait to do it again. i have no clue what my trip level was so i put it as 2. so anyways when i chewed them for the first half an hour nothing happened, then i went to my friends and i started to feel a little bit but nothing to bad, then we went into town and i started feeling high, for about an hour i was high and then i got to a supper high were i was laughing none stop. i was so happy i had no clue what i was doing but everything was Mario style graphics. then after about 3 hours i started tripping out. when my friends left my house i really started tripping. i remember touching my wall and my hand completely sinking into the wall and my hand sinking into my chest and watching Cheech and Chong up in smoke and the TV was moving like waves. then i had to piss so i got up and when i stood up my floor fell from under me and i had NO clue what to do then i walked by myself in the mirror and saw my eyes were all black and my pupils had growin so my eyes were COMPLETELY black and i was scared to look at myself and pissing felt so fucked up but then when i got back into bed to watch some cheech and chong couldn't find the end of my blanket. and so i just laid down cold cause i gave up on my blanket. then the phone rang but i couldn't pick it up my hand sunk right into the phone and i couldn't pick it up. then i was hot for some reason so i took my shirt off and when i did it was like a loud wind noise and when i took the shirt off i was in the desert just looking around. completely confused of how i got here. then i looked at my walls and i have about 300 picks on my wall and they were all sinking into my wall and they were all little portals. then out of no where my mouth turned to concrete and i went down to get a drink. i grabbed the milk and it wouldn't move. it was like attached to the fridge and i didn't know what to do so i just went back to my room to watch more cheech and chong. then i turned on pink floyd the wall and i couldn't take it. when the silent parts were on i almost went mental and had to turn cheech and chong back on. after a wile the shrooms just started to wear off then i was fine out of no where but my pupils were HUGE for like 2 hours after i stopped trippin but my hand was still sinking into myself for about 2 hours after i stopped trippin bad also. it was one of the best things iv ever done and i wouldn't trade it for anything. shrooms are the best... i cant wait to chew them again.

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