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What is going on?

the first time i did mush i did it with 5 other guys that i knew we each did an eighth, we ate them on meatball subs to take away the taste and they were delicious!

the first time i did mush i did it with 5 other guys that i knew we each did an eighth, we ate them on meatball subs to take away the taste and they were delicious!! me and my one friend had never done them before and were a little scared because of some things we heard. after about 40 minutes i didnt think they were working, except that my hands and arms felt light and tingly. i had to poop so i went to the bathroom, while in the bathroom i noticed that their shower curtain had an amazing display of waterfalls and plants on it. for some reason i couldnt stop laughing and continued for about 5 minutes, when i stopped i could hear everyone else outside laughing at me. after that we smoked some bowls and decided to walk to one of the other guys houses. we got all bundled up and i was soo happy and it felt like we were goin on some sort of big adventure. while walking there was no sense of paranoia jus fun. i told the guy beside me that i wanted to look up from the ground an look around but i just couldnt, he told me he couldnt either, and neiter could anyone else. when we got to this other guys apartment, we sat around smoking and listning to music. cigarettes are essential to tripping, i smoked a whole pack that night, i also noticed that the smoke looked soo cool when it moved it made me soo happy. when u do zoomers, it is essential to have everything u need or want. setbacks can put ur mood down. i noticed me one friend and this other guy jus laughing hysterically, but on second look my friend looked like the devil and it was really creepy but it didnt dampen my spirits. we decided to walk back to the other house because we forgot the weed...downer. on arrival we decided to watch the movie "Kung-Fu Hustle". this movie is highly recommended it ur going to trip!!! at first i felt uneasy because i wanted to talk and move around, but i felt like the others were getting annoyed of me for some reason (but they really werent) the movie made completely no sense, but i was crying i was laughing so hard, the special effects were also very trippy! after that i drove home, i kept telling myself to keep composure cuz i was tripping pretty hard! but it was much easier than i expected. i was actually having i good time until...i took an exit where the road rings around in a circle, this was super scary, it felt like it jus kept repeating and that it kept ending when it didnt once i got off of that i noticed the street lights went from blue to red to green to yellow in succession after each other. it was awesome, when i got home i went to my room and stood in the middle of it in amazement, i dont know why but everything just seemed so right and perfect, i felt tired but upon trying to sleep, whel lets just say it didnt happen. it was an awesome night that will be met with more in the future...next time were going to laserquest!!

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