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What Happened?

This was my second time taking shrooms.

This was my second time taking shrooms. The first time I had half an eighth and i had a good as time staring at shit and watching things bend. So I planned this trip like 5 days later because I wanted to do them in a more chill enviroment with more of my friends. I took another half and eigth and started to watch Star Wars III. The shrooms started to kick in and everything was going ok but it wasnt nearly to the extent of the last time I took them. I was trying to force the trip and it just wasnt happening. We went outside in the rain to walk around and it was a bit cold out. We didnt see anything but it felt as though we were viewing everything at high definition. The effects of the shrooms were so weak that we had wondered if we got a bad batch or something. Did the weather or the rain have anything to do with it? I wasnt sure if it mattered that I hadnt spaced out the trips a lot. But basically I just felt drunk the whole night and dissapointed... Do I need to start eating more shrooms to get the cool effects?

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