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Weak, yet satisfying test

My experiment with shrooms in capsules.

My experiment with shrooms in capsules.

Today I had 1.25 grams (Dry) of cubensis. But earlier today, I bought some empty gelatin capsules at a pharmacy. All the workers looked at me as if I was up to something, but what're they gonna do, the pharmacists didn't want me to have them for some reason, finally I hassled them enough to give them to me. "It's fine if you won't sell them to me, I'll just go somewhere else". Buying empty capsules is perfectly legal, so I don't see what the problem was. But anyways, I grinded up my shrooms and put them into the capsules. I bought two different sizes, because I didn't know which size would be better. So finally I had 2 caps of .5 G dry and 1 cap of .25 G dry. Needless to say, the .5 g caps were quite large and had trouble swallowing them on their own, so I washed them down with some coca-cola. The .25 g cap was no problem. I'm experimenting with caps, because I figure this way I can measure dosages accuratly, and taking them down would be easier. The caps came in a package of 1000 for $3 CDN.

About 40 minutes after digestion, I could feel my legs get heavy and tired. 20 minutes later, I felt quite good with a stoning effect, felt a bit silly at times. 1.5 hours after digestion I smoked a joint, which brought out some red/green blips, few distractive thoughts. And that's pretty much my night.

This was more of a test to see how digesting shrooms in caps would be like, and I really recommend it. I grow my own shrooms, and this way their easier to store I find. Dosing on 1.25 g just brought a stoning effect that lasted for a while, like 5 hours, with the joint. So that was nice.

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