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me and my girls had heard all the boys talking about their fukt up trips on mushies.

me and my girls had heard all the boys talking about their fukt up trips on mushies.. id always wanted to try them but the others werent too sure, untill we finally decided wat the fuk, y not..there is a place we knew about 3/4 hour drive away in an orchard so we mishioned it there 1 evening.ihadto stop onthe way and borrow a torch to "go hunting" bcozitwas getting dark quickly.

we found the place, and on the down low, drove rite into the orchard. it was the funnyest shit out just looking 4them coz we had 1torch and 2phones btween 4of us and wewere walking up and down this line of trees bent over looking in the long wet grass. we actually found lots and wen we had enough we left.all together we had about 50 mushies from that 1spot.

we went to our mates place and he boiled them up into milo's 4us. while we were waiting we stood around watching an learning an havin buckies. coz thats wot we usually do: get stonedevry day

t.v was shit(mcleods freakin dragqueens daughters) but it kept makin us larf at nothing. my bestmmatehad 2piss so i went outside and the stars were so fukin clear and they were honestly dancing, and reaching out to me.i was trying to get her to look but she said shed piss on my foot if she did...

we went 4a drive in this piece of shit carwith no breaks orany handbrake.. and that fulla was doin meandriftys in this subdivision.. when some one goes"is this car all good?" he said"nah its got no brakes" fuk that wen ur trippin aint wot u wana hear.

we parked up 4a sesh an i was in the middle in the back.squashed.me an th 2beside me were cracken up at nethink.i couldnt werk out wat we had stopped4 and thort we were waiting 4some1. i asked if werewaitin 4 ben, but i didnthear the answer, so 5minslatermybig mouth asks...whens ben coming? anthey were like were having a fukin seshon.!! fuk i thort i was so dum but we jus cracked up.

sittin in the bak i seriously couldnt stop talking, and when i tried to stop,if i thort of a werd in my head i just had to say it bcoz if i didnt it would stay in my head annoying me untill it came out of my mouth.and when thegirls told me to shut up i really tried but couldnt and was nerly crying.

i told mymate she was a buttwad, and wen she asked me wot a bukwat is i lost it at her and was stressing to say it properly. BUTTWAD.BUTTWAD.BUTTWAD. TO me it was so incredibly important thet she said it how i said it.
it felt like i had turrets and would just swear my brains out.

we sat by this estuary and could see a light in the sky in the distance that kept changing colour.so we shouted at it what colour we wanted it to change and it actually changed to that colour. when my frend was driving she saw this giant fried egg on the road and didnt think it was weird xcept wen we drove past again it was only an orange
it was night time andinour town on thursdaynight there is NOTHING to do, so, after driving around and parking up for20 mins,then going to a diffrent spot to do the same thing,again and again. we went home tobed, but i kept on talking untill i went to sleep(whichfelt like 4eva)sayingshitlike
mybrother, brother fukers, mother brother, another brother mother, fuker brother mother, another brother mother fucker.......
(coz us girls are "the brothers" it wasfuken hilaryous) .

i luvdthe buzz and felt like talking to lots of people,i didnt see too much trippy shit but the whole feeling was unreal. exepct i think the gilrs had herd enuf bullyit from my mouth for a nite..

we decided that we had "supported our own habbit" andwere proud mother fuckers.
we guna doit again 4sure butwe wana do it with more of our mates coz we jus have toshow them our buzz..

this is coming from a pure local nz crew "th brothers" of16y chick stoners who jus wana have a gud time,

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